Sunday, September 6, 2020


6:28 am - Sunday - September 6th - Coupeville, WA - 53° F, 93% humidity, wind 5 mph out of the south by southwest.......foggy, overcast this morning with a forecast high today of 65° F.  We roll our wheels in an hour for the Olympic Peninsula!

On this day in 2018 we were atop Cadillac Mountain near Bar Harbor, Maine with Glenn and Laureen who had flown in to visit us......↴

Today's blog will be, necessarily, brief.  We will begin to extract the Newell from the site we have occupied the last 3 weeks in just a few minutes.  We will need to back up about a 100' around the barn to get back to the driveway and drop the trailer on the Newell hitch once again.  We have a reservation to board the Coupeville/Port Townsend Ferry for a 10:15 am departure, and we must be in line by 9:45 am.

I spent, when not watching round 2 of the PGA Tour Championship, most of the day finishing the organization of the trailer, turning the trailer to the left about 70° using the wonderful Trailer Valet so we can easily back up to it with the Newell, stowing the awnings, dumping the black tank one more time using our portable macerator pump, putting away the gray and fresh water hoses, and doing some touch up on the stain on the front porch deck.

It remained heavily overcast and very cool most of the day with the sun finally peaking out from behind the clouds around 4 pm.  We had dinner once again with Bob and Karen, and then spent a couple of hours enjoying our last fire on their fireplace deck.  

Our time here has been busy with all the projects I undertook, but we leave with a feeling of having contributed in a positive way to the quality of life of our hosts.  Saying 'until next time' is always my least favorite thing, and this time is particularly poignant and bittersweet.  Nevertheless, we once again will be changing our view without going through escrow, and begin a new adventure traveling across the Olympic Peninsula, and then working on the Oregon Coast.

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