Wednesday, September 2, 2020


7:58 am - Wednesday - September 2nd - Coupeville, WA - 57° F, 93% humidity, wind 10 mph out of the southwest....partly cloudy today with a forecast high of 64° F....the view this morning......↴

....on this day in 2012 we were visiting Shoshone Falls in Twin Falls, ID for the first time.....↴

After pressure washing for 4 hours on Monday I headed back to staining the two decks.  Using a 'sash' brush I applied stain to the lower portion of the window frames on the fireplace deck........

......I then put a second coat of stain on the entire front porch deck.....⤴.....and a second coat under the fireplace (after moving it out of the way, of course)......⤵

.....I finished my work day by putting some of the furniture back on the fireplace deck.  In all I spent about 3 hours, and probably have about that much left to do the rest of the brush work where a roller will not fit.  All that will be left then is to finish pressure washing the driveway down to Harrington Lagoon, and Phase 3 will be complete, and so will our idyllic time here in Coupeville.  The word 'idyllic' covers a broad range of conditions we have enjoyed here so much......totally quiet at night......temperatures mostly in the mid to high 60's, and lows consistently in the mid 50's......beautiful views hour after hour......and last, but certainly not the least......a lot of time spent with our good friends Bob and Karen.

I'll begin to put away some stuff Wednesday (Sea-B-Que and Cowboy Disc Wok) , and by Friday and Saturday we will be putting away stuff (artificial turf, organizing the trailer) in earnest in advance of our departure early Sunday morning which will be our 23rd and final day here on the shores of Harrington Lagoon.

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