Saturday, September 12, 2020

Sheltering in place........

 7:20 am - Saturday - September 12th - Forks, WA - 55° F, 93% humidity, wind - CALM.....heavy overcast, and smoke from forest fires.  The forecast high today is 68° F.  On this day in 2017 we were in Jackson Hole, WY.........↴

......the view this morning..........↴

There are three of us now

As can be the case in the nomadic life plans must be changed due to circumstances beyond your control, and that is what has happened here in Forks, WA.  Our Jello plan had been to head south to Raymond, WA Friday morning and spend a couple of days there on the Willapa River, but when I called the RV park for which we were destined to secure a spot I was advised the smoke from the Oregon fires was quite bad, which would mean sitting in the coach for two, or three days paying $35/day for only 30 amp, water and a dump site.  Here in Forks we are paying just $20/night for 50 amp, and water with a dump station on site.  If we are to be confined to our motorhome due to bad air quality then why not stay put?

This is how it looked most of the day

As Friday went on the air quality began to worsen due to the smoke moving up from the south, and we ultimately had to close our windows.   Staying inside was fine, at least for the morning, as we were watching the 13th Stage of Le Tour, but by the time it was finished I was getting stir crazy, and went outside to putter around in the trailer for an hour, or so.

Later on in the afternoon I spent some time cleaning the Newell exterior once again.  It has been a while, and a few thousand miles since I last wiped the dirt and grime from her riveted aircraft aluminum sides.  Over the next three days (we'll be here until Monday when winds are forecast to shift and blow the smoke inland once again) I'll work my way around and get her all pretty once again.....not that she isn't pretty as she sits right now.  From 20' away she still looks great, but I spend most of my time within 5' of her and notice the road grime beginning to build once again.

That was pretty much our day....I wish there was more about which to write, but when you stay inside most of the day there is not much to share.

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