Thursday, September 3, 2020

For what it's worth......

7:28 am - Thursday - September 3rd - Coupeville, WA - 50° F, 89% humidity, wind - CALM.....mostly sunny today with a forecast high of 66° F.  On this day in 2015 we were in Cape Blanco, OR getting ready to watch the sun set......

I finished the application of stain coat number two on both decks Wednesday.  Just as I had supposed it took about 3 hours.  I didn't take the following pictures until this morning (Thursday), and as you can tell, there was a very heavy dew last night.  I spent a lot of time focusing specifically on the wooden window frames making sure there were at least two coats of stain on all the wood.......

 I'm thinking there should be a fire Thursday evening!

....all I had to do on the front porch deck was to cut in the places the roller application had missed, which did not take very long at all......

.....after almost 3 weeks of continuous work I am wearing down a little, but am so pleased at what I have been able to accomplish for our good friends.  All that remains is to finish pressure washing the last 120 yards of the driveway on Thursday.

We usually spend a lot of time while here at Harrington Lagoon riding our bikes, walking a lot, and sightseeing, but this time around it seemed right to help out with some maintenance on this amazing property we have been privileged to visit, and enjoy on a pretty regular basis over the years.  The added benefit for moi is getting back into working shape in preparation for our winter job on the Oregon Coast.

I haven't mentioned our health status in some time, but needless to say we are both asymptomatic to the Wuhan virus, and healthy in every other way.  We continue to spend 98% of our time in extremely rural areas.  There has not been a COVID related death in Island County (where we currently are) in the three weeks we have resided here.    There have been less than 15 new cases in that same time span, none of which required hospitalization.  Nevertheless, those of us who have removed ourselves from the high density population areas continued to be penalized with unreasonable mask wearing requirements even though there is little, to no risk.  When asked, most people here in Island County have no idea how few cases and deaths there have been in their county.  They usually guess the deaths and cases are much, much higher by a factor of 10.

I read a blog on a regular basis written by our good friends Linda and Steven (The Chouters) who have been living and traveling in Europe for the past couple of years.  They have commented that the only countries they have visited since the beginning of the pandemic that have strict mask wearing requirement are France and Germany....all of the others they have visited only recommend masks, but there is no enforcement, and most people are not wearing them.  Well, for what it's worth, that's my 2 cents, and I'm sticking to it!

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