Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Socially distanced pizza party......

7:50 am - Wednesday - September 30th - Seal Rock, OR - 55° F, 100% humidity, wind 7 mph out of the south by southwest......foggy, overcast, cool.....forecast high for today is 66° F.  On this date in 2015 we arrived at A.M. Solar in Springfield, OR to have new solar panels installed on the Newell......↴

Tuesday was kind of a change up for me.  I got a text from Terry Monday evening asking me to report to work at 9:15 am at the septic station wearing pants, long sleeved shirt, and rubber boots.....okay, that sounds ominous, right?  On my orientation day Terry advised that a couple of times per month they needed to pull the septic filters and clean them, and Tuesday was, apparently, the day for that task.  As I walked down the hill to the office this was my view......'s the same view everyday.....the main variable is is it windy, cloudy, foggy, or sunny...or a combination thereof....on this day it was sunny.  Terry was at the office waiting for me with the golf cart so I jumped in and we drove down to the septic plant to join Greg in this bi-monthly task.  I didn't take any pictures, but I can tell you it took less than 30 minutes with the three of us working together.  It was everything you might imagine without me going into details, other than to say it is a smelly job, and this was one of the few times I was happy to wear a heavy duty face  By 9:45 am we were done, and I was on my way home to burn my clothing, and rubber boots......well, not really.....just to change into my shorts and t-shirt for the balance of my shift.

I spent the rest of my shift working by myself weed whacking around a couple of our cabins, and cleaning/sanitizing 9 of our RV sites which were vacated.  I was done by 11:45 am, and on my way home to take a shower, and then get dressed to attend a 'goodbye' pizza party for Ray and Myna Johnson......

....a few of the ladies had set up chairs in the grassy area across from the office.  Terry and Michele had gone into town to pick up individual pizzas for each couple from Grand Central Pizza in Waldport.  We ordered the pizza named for this fine establishment, and were not disappointed.  Once we all sat down and received our pizzas we removed our masks and dug in......

Left to right:  Terry and Michele, and Greg and Gina

Left to right: John and Bonnie, Marsha, Tina and Bill

....and our guests of honor.....Ray and Myna

.....Bill gave us a little history on Ray and Myna's tenure here at SRRVC, which began, as I wrote yesterday, in 1996.  Until 1999 the park was known as Seal Rocks Trailer that year Ray changed the name to Seal Rocks RV Cove to bring things into the 21st century.  We talked and laughed until well after 1 pm when we bid our adieus and headed back to our homes for the balance of the day.

I sat outside reading once again, and enjoying the clear, warm air which had gotten all the way up to 80° F by 3 pm.  And, thus, another day at SRRVC comes to any end.

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  1. 80 degrees on the Oregon coast makes the summertime special. Enjoy!


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