Thursday, October 1, 2020

Very fresh......

7:18 am - Thursday - October 1st - Seal Rock, OR -  55° F, 100% humidity, wind - CALM.....heavy overcast this morning, clearing later, with a forecast high today of 67° .  On this date in 2015 our solar panel installation at A.M. Solar had been completed in just 6.5 hours......↴

We went from two 150 watt solar panels to 4....two 150 watt panels, 
and two 160 watt panels, for a total of 620 watts

I was expecting to do some weed whacking Wednesday, but around 9 am Wednesday morning I got a text from Terry to meet with Greg at 10 am to do 'highway pickup' other words, pick up trash along a 1 mile section of US-101 that is in front of SRRVC*.  TLE left for work at 9 am, but returned soon thereafter advising she was going to work with!  Greg was at our site a little before 10 am with the 'picker's, and trash bags provided by the Oregon DOT.  We were to proceed north along the western shoulder of US-101 up to the entrance to Seal Rock Recreation Site (a parking lot that gives tourists access to the beach), and then back south on the eastern side of US-101....always facing traffic.  

We set out shortly thereafter and begin picking up trash consisting primarily of thousands of cigarette butts, but also paper, soda cups, coffee cups, etc....we found 8, or 9 single socks, a wine bottle, a glass soda bottle, large, liter size pop bottles....... 11 am we had reached the entrance to the beach access parking lot, and had each filled a bag....did I say there were thousands of cigarette butts?.......

.....almost exactly 1 hour since we began.  We took a short break, and then crossed the highway to the east side, and began working our way back to SRRVC* arriving back at the entrance to the park just before 12 pm, and the end of our 2 hour shift.  Traffic was quite heavy during our two hours walking the west and east shoulders of US-101, but after 15 minutes you kind of get used to it.....kind of.....we ended up filling 5 bags with trash.  It's the first time TLE and I have worked together since our last days at RORVR last January.

Wednesday morning when I was trying to take my blood pressure I discovered my Beurer Health blood pressure monitor has passed onto the next electronic life, so right after we finished our shift we changed clothes and drove into Waldport to see if Hi School Pharmacy had another one.....they did not, but we were just a block from 'Fresh Mexican Food', the local Mexican restaurant, so we decided to check them out.  Yelp gives them 4 stars on 80 reviews....we would be more at 3.5......

....we were quickly seated, and within minutes had ordered our menu choices.....Chile Relleño/enchilada plate for TLE, and the Chile Relleño plate for me (no enchilada)....we both ordered ice tea.....sorry for the fuzzy 'usie' skills were not well used on this  Overall everything was good, and did indeed taste fresh....not the best Mexican food we have ever had, but pretty good for the Oregon Coast.

After a very pleasant lunch we dropped some donations off at a local thrift store box, visited the local Napa Auto to buy some motor oil and window washer fluid, and while I was doing that TLE filled up the VW gas tank at the Chevron station next door.....they still pump the gas for you here in Oregon, and they even wash your windows.

We were back home by 2 pm, and spent the afternoon reading.  What did I do about the blood pressure monitor?  Well, I really like the Beurer one as it has Bluetooth capability.  When I take my blood pressure each morning it automatically transfers that day's data to a program on my phone where it is stored.  I found one on eBay for $40, and ordered should be here by Monday.  They had the same one on Amazon, but for some reason it cannot be shipped to my current address....that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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*SRRVC = Seal Rocks RV Cove

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  1. commenting on yesterday's post. You should look into what is called "tyvek" (spelling ?) overhauls . They are white and very light material with a zipper front . Almost make for once use and through away . I use them for years in the petroleum industry . Some farm , safety stores should have them along with amazon . Should would be better than having a mishap into your clothes . Ask how I know . Good luck . Vern in Boise


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