Monday, October 19, 2020

Let's get back to normal.....

7:55 am - Monday - October 19th - Seal Rock, OR - 48° F, 100% humidity, wind - CALM.....mostly cloudy today with a forecast high of 59° F.  On this date in 2017 we were at Bear Valley RV Park at the intersection of US-20 and US-89 (Utah)....about 33 miles from Bryce Canyon, and several days of hiking and sightseeing......↴

About 6 days ago another workamper couple (Blake and Gail) arrived here at SRRVC.  They began their training Saturday morning, so our work schedules will change for the next two weeks.  We will both begin working from 2 pm to 4 pm Sunday, Monday and Wednesday, and 10 am to 12 pm Tuesday and Thursday (TLE will work 10 am to 2 pm on Wednesday).  

The skies Sunday were heavily overcast, and I do not think the sun ever made an appearance.  TLE and I spent the morning watching a couple of English Premier Soccer matches, and just generally not doing much.  Eventually it was time to report for duty, and we both trundled down down to the office to begin another 'grueling'  Terry was working up at one of our vacation rental houses called 'Fairwinds' pressure washing the sidewalks and front deck, so I drove one of the golf carts up there and spent about 90 minutes with the Stihl string trimmer edging along the same sidewalk, and front deck, and then using a Stihl hand blower blew the grass off the sidewalk, and front deck.  That was the complete extent of my work day Sunday.  Just after I returned to the Newell it began to rain, and continued raining for a couple of hours.  TLE was home about 30 minutes later at 4 pm.

While TLE was at work her Vita Clay slow cooker was putting the final cooking touches on a post roast for our supper.  Not surprisingly, it turned out quite well, and I ended up having seconds......oh that woman can cook!

With little, or no new TV network programming for months now due to the China Virus we do not watch as much TV, and Sunday was no exception.  We spent the evening reading once again.  I am currently plowing through the 23, or 24 book series called 'Preacher/The First Mountain Man', by William J. Johnstone.  I've read pretty much every book of his involving the Jensen family, and have a hard time putting any of his books down.....they are real page turners.

Locally, here in Lincoln County, Oregon, there have been just 13 deaths in 7 months from the China Virus (the same as when we arrived over a month ago), and just over 500 cases in that same time period, and yet we are still laboring under onerous pandemic protocols found typically in the more liberal states of our union.  In Florida everything has been back to normal for weeks mask wearing whatsoever.  As has been the case for the entire pandemic TLE and I remain ASYMPTOMATIC.  It is time to get back to normal!

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