Tuesday, October 13, 2020

From foreboding to beautiful......

 7:30 am - Tuesday - October 13th - Seal Rock, OR - 57° F, 94% humidity, wind 28 mph out of the south....heavy cloud cover, raining with a forecast high today of 61° F.  On this date in 2017 we were camping at Ririe Reservoir a few miles outside of Idaho Falls, ID.......↴

Winter is fast approaching and with that comes wind, rain, mist, fog, and drizzle. Some days you awake to rain, and stormy seas, but by the time you go to work the sun is beginning to peak out from behind the clouds, and you end up with a beautiful, windless blue sky day....you never know.  One thing we do know is that the sun drenched days will become fewer, and the rain and wind will begin to dominate.  Monday was one of those days which begin with foreboding skies, and end up just plain beautiful......

......I began my work day assisting Greg and Terry in operating an electric 'roto rooter' to clean out the sewer connection in site #20.  As we suspected, the blockage was not big, and we had the line clear in just a few minutes.  Terry and I went on to trim another hedge in that same site, and then I spent the rest of my 2 hour shift cleaning the site lights I wrote about a few days ago.  I managed to get another 12 of them cleaned before it was time to head home.

During the two hours I was working the skies gradually cleared, and by the time I got home there was nary a cloud in the sky.  With such perfect weather I commenced to take care of several outdoor activities.....dump and flush the black tank, wash the salt out of my big rear facing radiator, wash the salt off all of the awnings, and generally pick up the wind blown debris from our site.  It was so nice I opened all the windows, and dropped the screen door down to let the coach air out after many days of being shut tight against the elements.

TLE pulled another 5 hour shift, returning from work around 5 pm.  By that time it was beginning to cool quite rapidly, so we quickly stowed the screen door and closed the windows.  There is another front moving in during the night, as well as high winds so time to once again batten down the hatches, which includes restowing the window awnings, and the patio awning....no one wants to get up at 3 am and do it then in wind and rain!

We spent a quiet evening reading, and then watching a Hallmark movie, followed by a couple of episodes of Fraser.....nothing like getting a good cry, followed by a lot of laughter to end another day in Seal Rock, OR.

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