Friday, October 9, 2020

Seals, or elephants?

7:24 am - Friday - October 9th - Seal Rock, OR - 52° F, 100% humidity, wind, heavy overcast today with a forecast high of 61° F, and rain this evening.  On this date in 2018 we arrived in Delaware, our 48th state in the Newell.......↴

Thursday is our Friday, so what happened on our 'Friday'?  I spent my entire 2 hour shift working with Greg to remove and replace a leaking PVC pipe at site 20.  I have circled where the leak was.  First we had to dig out around the base of the pipe to give us clear access to the leaking coupling, and then shut the water off so we could cut the pipe below the leak, and install a new one.  Once the water was off (we have to turn off all the water in the park) we cut the pipe just below the coupling (this is what was leaking), and then wait a long, long time for all the water to drain out of the #20 is apparently the lowest point in the park.....doh!  At any rate we finally were able to install the new section of pipe replete with a new hose bib, finishing just before 12 pm......

.......and that was it for my 'Friday'.....I arrived home just after TLE.....another grueling work week at SRRVC!

Around 2 pm we took a walk down to Seal Rock Beach, taking off our flip flops when we reached the sand......

......below is a picture of Elephant Rock, which is the most prominent rock feature at Seal Rock Beach, which makes me wonder why it is not called Elephant Rock Beach?  There are no seals anywhere around here.....NONE.  Anyway, it just something I wonder about.  I know that many years ago......many, many years ago there were a lot of seals out of the rocks, but that was a long time ago......

Elephant can see it, right?

.....we hung out for about an hour before walking back to the Newell......

......the day began with heavy overcast, but eventually we ended up with partly cloudy skies, and a beautiful time at the beach.  I never get tired of just sitting on a log (there are a lot of storm tossed logs on Seal Rock Beach!) and staring a the ever changing lighting and how is plays upon the water.  Breathing in that salt air for an hour certainly puts one in a perfect mood for a nap.

Around 4 pm I drove, by myself, into Waldport to buy a few grocery items for TLE.  Until we began living and traveling full time in our Newell I never, ever went to the supermarket.  That was TLE's domain.  She knew the secret of finding stuff at the supermarket, and I did not.  Now I, too, have unlocked the secret of the supermarket and do, on occasion, run to the market for TLE.  My task this day was to buy some bacon, some oyster crackers (they were out, so I got club crackers) for our second round of fish chowder, and some more Bolthouse Mocha Cappuccinos....if you have never tasted this amazing, life enhancing elixir you must!

Around 5:30 pm TLE reheated the fish chowder, and cooked up a little bacon to crumble into the chowder.....OMG....I'm in heaven.  I cherished ever bite!  It really is true that bacon makes EVERYTHING better.

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