Friday, October 2, 2020

Yes, they make me happy.....

8:15 am - Friday - October 2nd - Seal Rock, OR - 54 ° F, 100% humidity, wind - CALM.....rained most of the night, but has stopped.  Forecast for Friday is for partly cloudy with a high of 64° F.  On this date in 2013 TLE and I were finishing our 2nd 12 hour shift at the Sugar Beet Harvest in Sidney, MT......↴

Thursday was day two of our 'highway pickup' project.  The remaining section of US-101 to our south is shorter than the section to the north which we completed Wednesday, so we thought it should take about an hour, and for the first 30 minutes it was.  We reached the turn around point on the east side of US-101 around 10:30 am, crossed the street and began to work our way back north to the entrance of SRRVC*......

Wearing our day glow color co-ordinated face masks 
with our safety vests

.....what we had not counted on was that the west side of US-101 in this section has three turnouts, which are quite large, and as a result of people stopping there quite frequently, there was a lot more trash as one might expect if one was actually thinking about it.  We finally arrived back at the SRRVC* entrance around 11:30 am having filled 3 bags quite full.  After turning in our pickers and safety vests to Greg we headed home for the day.  Yeah, I know, another grueling workday at SRRVC*.....LOL!

I read for a while, and then went outside to put up some more patio lights.  I carry around a few hundred feet of mini lights, but haven't had them out since we left RORVR**.  I had been thinking for a few days where I would put the rest of the lights....well, not quite the 'rest' of the lights, but most of them....and finally decided to attach them to the rope fencing around our site.

Around 4 pm TLE I walked down to our beach for a brisk walk up and down the storm tossed beach.....

The Lovely is chilly!

.....the waves were crashing over the rocks, and the air was filled with salt laden moisture.  As we walked TLE pointed out what appears to be a shell mound left over from centuries of Native Americans who lived in this area who harvested muscles from the rocks.  The area behind that shell mound used to be a large meadow, and no doubt they lived in that meadow, which had stream of fresh water flowing through it....the stream still flows onto the beach......

.....we have seen these type of shell mounds in Florida near Cedar Key back in 2013.  There the mounds were about 50 feet in height.......

.....I managed to snap a picture of the new lighting I installed Thursday.....looks pretty good, and it makes me happy!

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*SRRVC = Seal Rocks RV Cove
**RORVR = Ramona Oaks RV Resort

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