Saturday, September 5, 2020


7:24 am - Saturday - September 5th - Coupeville, WA - 61° F, 78% humidity, wind 8 mph out of the south by southeast......overcast and foggy this morning with a forecast high today of 64° F.  On this day in 2014 we reported for duty at Cape Blanco Lighthouse.......↴

Friday was dedicated to me getting a haircut, TLE doing some shopping before we haul anchor, beginning the organization of our 2007 American trailer for VW insertion on Sunday, and, finally, me steam cleaning our rear facing radiator on the Newell.  I know, I just cleaned it less than two months ago when we used the self service car wash in Valier, MT, but when you have access to professional grade pressure washer/steam cleaner you take advantage of that fact and clean your radiator again.

Before all that fun, however, we watched the entire recorded episode of stage 7 of Le Tour de France.  It was a very exciting stage with a breakaway of over 30 riders destroyed the Peloton, splitting it into two chasing groups.  At one point the breakaway was over 10 minutes ahead of the first chase group, and 12 minutes ahead of the second.  This breakaway was led by Team Bora, and Peter Sagan is part of that team.  Over the last 8 Tours he has won the Green jersey 7 times, and had rarely, if ever, lost it during the tour, but he had lost it a couple days prior.  By leading the breakaway, which left all of the other sprinters at the back of the pack, Team Bora enabled Peter Sagan to regain the Green jersey (worn by the best sprinter) once again.  

Around 11:45 am we drove, for the last time this trip, into Oak Harbor where TLE dropped me off at the local Supercuts, and she went shopping.   Supercuts was quite busy Friday and I wasn't able to sit down to get my ears lowered until almost 1 pm, so I walked next door to Starbucks and got a Mocha Frappuccino to pass the time.  By the time I was finished TLE was done with her shopping.....good timing.  We then filled up the VW gas tank utilizing a 20 cent/gallon discount earned at Safeway.

Once home I set about getting ready to steam clean the radiator, which involves removing everything from both engine bays so I have clear access to the engine side of the radiator....

 The stainless steel 3 gallon oil reservoir (left) and power steering pump fluid  reservoir (right) have never been so clean!

 Got grease stains off engine.....mostly

 Clean fan blades, and radiator all it took me about 30 minutes to thoroughly clean everything, including the radiator.  Once that was done I turned my focus to the trailer using the pressure washer/steam cleaner to clean the exterior of the trailer.  I have, sadly, been neglecting the trailer exterior, but within minutes she looked great once again.......

 I also clean a couple of years of grease off the hitch!

 She's pretty again

....once the exterior of the trailer was clean I went inside to stow the bicycles, thoroughly vacuum the floor at the front of the trailer where we stow the bicycles, and put away the anti gravity chairs from the 'Lido Deck'.  All that remains for Saturday is to remove the table my tools are setting upon right now, put away the bike stand, and close up the work bench and cabinets.

We joined Bob and Karen for pot roast, garlic mashed potatoes, mushrooms, and hollandaise sauce drenched asparagus.......

......after which we once again retired to the living room to watch the first two episodes of Season 2 of 'Travelers'.

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