Monday, September 14, 2020


 7:16 am - Monday - September 14th - Forks, WA - 54° F, 97% humidity, wind - CALM.....heavy overcast with fog today and a forecast high of 70° F.....the view this morning.......↴

.....on this day in 2012 we were in Fort Collins, CO getting our blood tests for our first stint at Amazon.....had some Mexican after the blood tests......

.....we roll in 90 minutes!

Sunday was more of the same weather.....heavy overcast, foggy, and oh so smokey making us glad we have staid put here in Forks, WA for the past 4 days.  After watching State #15 of Le Tour I set about finishing the wiping down of the Newell exterior to rid her of road grime, which took me most of the afternoon.  I spent more time organizing the trailer for VW insertion, and finally around 7 pm we stowed the Beetle, and then the awnings. I put away the hoses, so all that is left to do Monday morning is unplug the electrical and roll.

Some of you may wonder why I spend copious amounts of time every few months wiping down the Newell.  Well, part of it is pride of ownership, and we are both very proud to own our Newell.  The other part is we feel we have been given a trust to maintain our Newell Classic in as close to the condition she was in the day we took ownership as possible.  In her first 24 years of life she was kept in a climate controlled environment when not in use.  She was only stored outside in Palm Desert by the second owner the last two years before we took possession on March 1, 2008.  Since then we have endeavored to have her waxed twice a year, and cleaned on a regular basis.  For the first 4 years we owned her we paid a detailer to wash her once a month, and do the waxing every 6 months.  Since we headed out on the road full time in February of 2012 it has fallen mostly to me to keep up the cleaning.  While I do not wash her every month now I do faithfully apply a coast of wax to her every 6 months.  When I say I am 'wiping' her off I am applying a coat of spray wax whilst I do that.  As a result of that commitment on my part she continues to look beautiful, and from a short distance she looks spectacular!  It is for that very reason that we have only been rejected from an RV park due to her age one time in 12 years.  Almost invariably when we run into an RV park with an age restriction when we tell them we own a 1982 Newell they do not even blink an eye when approving us.  Only a few times have I been required to provide pictorial documentation of her excellent condition.

When I called the RV park we have targeted for an overnight Monday evening I found they had a 20 year age limitation.  As soon as I told them it was a 1982 Newell Classic they immediately waived the rule, and took our pictures even required.

For the night cap Sunday we watched several more episodes of 'Travelers'.  We are now well into Season 3, and still enjoying it just as much as the first episode.  We were in bed by 10 pm in anticipation of our relatively early departure Monday morning before 9 am.

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  1. I'm curious to know which RV park refused you admittance. I agree, you have a beautiful rig there!

    1. It was way back in May of 2008. We were going to Arizona State to see my daughter graduate. I cannot remember the name of the park, but they refused, oit of hand, to even consider making an exception to their rule. We ended up getting permission from the university to dry camp in their football stadium parking lot.