Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Don't fence me in......

 7:33 am - Tuesday - November 10th - Seal Rock, OR - 46° F, 93% humidity, wind 7 mph out of the southwest.....heavy cloud cover with rain forecast for today with a high of 51° F.  On this date in 2016 I was riding my Cannondale Bad Boy bike on the Pacific Electric Trail, which runs from San Dimas, CA to Rialto, CA....about 27 miles....my all time favorite bike path........↴

As the daily temperatures continue their slide along with the season toward the inevitable winter here on Coastal Oregon I find myself spending less time outdoors.  For a the first 5 weeks after we arrived the high temp each day was in the low to mid 60's, sometimes in the 70's I spent a lot of time outdoors, but now that the daily average has slipped into the low to mid 50's range that has changed.  It's pretty chilly when I go to work at 10 am, but usually by 11 am I am out of my coat with, or without the sun.  There was little, or no sun Monday, and there was a slight breeze adding to the chill, but I was still out of my coat, working in my shorts and short sleeve t-shirt by 11 am. 

My assigned task Monday was to remove an old wire fence from around site #37.  Over the years the fencing and posts had been swallowed up by the shrubbery, and were not really even visible any longer, but their presence there hidden in the shrubs makes it difficult to trim those shrubs as the Stihl trimmer gets caught up in the wire fencing.  There was about 40 feet of this wire fencing to remove, and it took me 100% of my 2 hour shift to completely remove it, and the 5 attendant posts.  I spent a large amount of time on my knees using dykes to cut the wire fencing out of the entangled shrubs, blackberry vines and ivy.  What a mess!

When we worked at Smuggler's Den back in the summer of 2018 neither TLE, nor I were ever complimented on our work.  During the 3 months I worked under Todd, the manager, the only time he paid me a compliment on a job well done was the day I quit.  Since we have begun working here at SRRVC Terry, my outdoor manager, never fails to compliment me day by day....what  a difference.  At 71 years old I really do not need that kind of daily reinforcement as I know I do a good job, but it is nice to work for someone (just as it was at Ramona Oaks RV Resort under Rich and Marnie) who does appreciate your work ethic, and publicly acknowledges it.

Terry delivered me to our site just after 12 pm, and TLE reported for work at 2 pm, and was home shortly after 4 pm.  Just another routine day at SRRVC.  I took a nice nap before TLE went off to work, and then spent the afternoon reading.  Not a very exciting day, but the kind of day I like on a cold, wintery Coastal Oregon day.

Oh, I almost forgot.  I was able to get plane tickets to fly down to SoCal for Christmas to see our kids, and their families.   We'll fly out of Portland on the 16th of December to Ontario, CA, and return home to SRRVC on the 26th.  Amazingly we were able to buy round trip tickets for under $450, total.

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