Thursday, November 12, 2020


 8:03 am - Thursday - November 12th - Seal Rock, OR - 37° F, 93% humidity, wind 8 mph out of the east......heavy cloud cover with high winds and rain later today, and a forecast high of 51° F.  On this date in 2013 we had just re-entered California for the first time in almost 2 we are camping at Mammoth Lakes, CA....we still had the 2002 T-Bird.......↴

We were not expecting clear blue skies Wednesday, but that is what we got.  While it was quite cold at 10 am, it was not raining, so I went to work.  Since we were rained out Tuesday, and were not able to clean the septic filters then, I met Greg there to do the deed Wednesday.  During the cleaning process one of the handles used to lift one of the filters out of its bunker broke, so after we were done with the others we had to fix it.  In all, cleaning the filters, and fixing the one broken handle took around 90 minutes.  I spent the final 45 minutes cleaning 5 sites in preparation for their new occupants.

TLE and I both worked the same shift, and we were both home about 12:15 pm.  I haven't washed my big rear facing radiator  in a couple of weeks, and the exterior of the Newell needed to be washed down, too, so I spent about an hour taking care of those tasks, and added to that washing down the exterior of the trailer.  

Up next was to relevel the coach, so I hooked up our pancake compressor to the quick connect in the passenger side engine bay.  Sometimes the level will last a couple of weeks, but it has been very cold lately, with very little sun, so it had to be done in just a week.  Where we are parked the front end is high, so we have to raise the rear end of the coach, and lower the front to get level front to back.  Fortunately, the site is very level side to side.

Upon the completion of that task I moved on to installing a near rear shock on TLE's eBike.  The one that came with the bike was pretty clunky, and would not even compress under TLE's diminutive weight, so I bought a new one off eBay (a coil over oil shock) with a lower compression profile.  It was actually easy to install, and took me less than 40 minutes to remove and replace the shock.....

The old coil only shock....not supple at all

The new coil over oil shock with lockout function....very supple

......once that task was done it was closing in on 3:30 pm, and the heat, if you can call it that, of the day was gone, so I was also done for the day.

We were treated to another beautiful Coastal Oregon sunset Wednesday evening.....

.....I walked down the hill about 50 feet to snap a few pictures, and on the way back spotted a red mushroom, which I am sure it not edible......

.....and that was our Wednesday....thank you for stopping by!

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