Saturday, November 28, 2020

The major award, redux.......

 8:48 am - Saturday - November 28th - Seal Rock, OR - 43° F, 93% humidity (how can that's raining), wind 3 mph out of the east.....heavy cloud cover, drizzling, with a forecast high today of 51° F.  On this date in 2012 I wrote the following missive and posted it to my blog:

TITLE: The Major Award

"No doubt if you have watched "A Christmas Story" a few times you will remember the iconic "Major Award" scene where Darren McGavin's character (The Old Man) won the "Leg Lamp", and how he proudly placed it on a table in front of a large bay window and then turned it on so passers by could share in his joy.  Well Tuesday night Amazon had a contest for the picking crew.  The top 20 work Camper Force pickers would have their names put in a hat and the winners would get a $5 gift card.  Usually TLE is a winner in these contests in our family, however, for one brief shinning moment I was top dog in the Hockwald picking world......I won a $5 Kroger gift card!  I must take time to thank all those in my life who made this moment possible, but I can't remember all their names right now.....:D  My "Major Award" is not nearly as glamorous, or memorable, or even worthy of being displayed on a table in front of a bay window for all passers by to see, but it is MY MAJOR AWARD!  On a side note.....did you know there is a website dedicated to selling this leg lamp?  It's called "A Christmas Story House Gift Shop"!

After being honored in front of a few hundred of my closest picking friends we headed off to HRV for the night......well, TLE did....after my brief moment in the sun I headed over to P-1-A-109-A-2 to make my first could I, the "Major Award" winner, be banished so quickly to Pic Mod A you ask?  I don't know, but the picking gods quickly rectified this grievous error and within a few totes I was notified via a message on my scanner that my superior picking skills were required in the HRV Pic Mod.  

Our evening at Amazon went quickly as it always does when we are stationed in HRV, but there will be no major awards this night.  We work as a team and all get the glory when things go well, and I think they went very well last night.  One notable fact from last night is that I set off the security alarm on the second level quickly the Major Award winners fall!!!  I guess my mind was still on my Major!

The outside temps dropped, again, into the mid 20's so our walk home was fast paced.  Three more days in this work week and then we only have 15 days of labor left before we begin our trek south to Florida.  I wonder if anyone there will care about my Major Award?  Probably not, but I can dream, can't I?"

I was so tickled by what I wrote that I had to repost it.....hope you enjoyed it as much as I.  HRV stands for 'High Retail Value", or, in other words, jewelry.  Only a very few people were cleared to work in that area, and TLE and I were part of that team our first 'Peak Season' at Amazon.  

As I wrote a couple of days it is time to renew my blood pressure prescription, so I transferred it from COSTCO where it has been for a couple years to the local pharmacy in Waldport (Hi-School Pharmacy).  I received an email Thanksgiving day that the transfer had been completed, and my refill was ready for retrieval, so around 2:30 pm we drove into town to do just that.

Friday was a very nice day, and after picking up my prescription we walked across the street to get a cup of coffee from Espresso 101.  After placing our orders we sat down at the outdoor seating area........

......we did just this a few weeks ago, however, as we were to find out within a few minutes, due to the new 'lockdown' orders by the totalitarian Oregon Governor, Kate Brown, we were not allowed to sit there to wait, or consume our orders.  Mind you, there was no one else there, and we were outdoors in a very rural, remote area of the Oregon Coast.  There is just no accounting for the stupidity of the ruling class, whom we see on almost a daily basis violating their own non-scientific orders.  Hmmmm.....a little ranting makes one feel a little

Not to be deterred, we paid for our coffees and drove 1 block over to the city park where there are several picnic tables with a much better view of the water.  Apparently the city park is a virus free safe zone whose 'force field' cannot be penetrated by the Wuhan Virus....... 

Alsea Bay Bridge

There is an extraordinary amount of volcanic rock along this stretch of the Oregon Coast

....we found several tables free, but decided to walk down the stairs to the beach and sat on a volcanic rock enjoying the Alsea Bay ambiance.   We didn't get back home until after 3:30 pm, which is just over an hour before sunset.  Within a few minutes I had started a fire in our portable firepit, pulled a couple of camp chairs out the trailer, and we were set to watch the sun finish its inevitable descent to the western horizon once again.....

......the wood was a little damp from several days of rain, but eventually we got it going, and enjoyed about an hour talking and enjoying the early evening air.....

....and thus another delightful day on the Oregon Coast comes to a close.  

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