Sunday, December 13, 2020

An unexpectantly nice day.........

 7:57 am - Sunday - December 13th - Seal Rock, OR - 50° F, 88% humidity, wind 13 mph out of the south.....heavy cloud cover with rain most of the day forecast and a high of 51° F.  On this date in 2013 I had reached the summit of Mt. Rubidoux in Riverside, CA on my Cannondale Bad Boy once again......↴

Frankly, we were expecting rain Saturday morning, afternoon and evening, but the guessers got it wrong.  We actually had sunshine, and no rain until early evening.  After seeing we had a nice day with sun streaming in the windows we thought we might visit a few beaches we hadn't seen between Seal Rock and Newport in the afternoon when it 'warmed up'.  Well it never warmed up, in fact it seemed to get colder with windy conditions, so instead I decided to take a 7 mile ride on my Cannondale Bad Boy.  

Before it came to that, though, there were a few English Premier games, and some interesting NCAA football games to watch.  Finally, around 1:30 pm I changed into my riding clothes and headed south on US-101 to my new favorite turn around place at Bay Mart (mini market), and back.  There was a headwind on this day, but with every headwind on an 'out and back' ride you get a tailwind, so it all evens out.  I managed to complete the ride in 29 minutes and 59 seconds, a new record for me.  My average speed was 14.4 mph, and according to my Garmin cyclo computer 500 calories were consumed....

.....that's my third such ride in 5 days, and I'm beginning to think I can continue to repeat this ride 3-4 times per week as long as the weather cooperates. 

The NCAA football nightcap beginning at 4:30 pm featured USC vs. UCLA in the Rose Bowl.  I love this annual intra city rivalry, and this year's edition was no disappointment.  The score seesawed back in forth the entire game with USC finally coming out on top 42-37 as a final 'Hail Mary' pass by UCLA fell to the ground, and timed expired.  My father went to USC, so it's only natural that I would root for his alma mater.

I did manage to deploy all of the window awnings early enough in the day to give the sun a chance to dry them out after so much rain the past few days, and then put them up as the sun slipped towards the western horizon once again.  I also managed to wipe down the VW while the sun was shinning, and make her look pretty for a short time.

I have no funny stories to share this day about the misadventures of Clarke and TLE, but based on the comments I received I think the door story was well received.

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