Monday, December 21, 2020


 8:21 am - Monday - December 21st - Seal Rock, OR - 52° F, 100% humidity (raining), wind 21 mph out of the south.....has been raining for 3 days straight now, and will continue raining all day today with a forecast high of 54° F....I was just called off work.....not a surprise.   On this date in 2017 we awoke to snow on the ground at the Grand Canyon (Desert View).......↴

Back in 2017 we chose to live at altitude (7,300') during the winter.....our location?  The South Rim of the Grand Canyon near the east entrance, which is called Desert View.  We expected snow, and we got snow that winter, but not a lot.  What we did get were temps in the teens at night, and in the low 40's during the day.  We lived there from early November, 2017 to late March of 2018, and while we will never do that again, we did thoroughly enjoy our time there.

Fast forward to 2020, a year that we all wish would just go away, we chose to spend our winter at sea level in a place known to have a lot of this case this stretch of the Oregon Coast averages 78" of rain per year, and you can expect precipitation on 168 of the 365 days each year.  One of our reasons for choosing this particuar location was its ruralness.  While we believe that our dear government has greatly overestimated the severity of the Wuhan flu for the general population, it is quite deadly for very specific segments of the population, and we happen to occupy one of those demographics.  Here in Seal Rock, OR we feel quite safe, and far from populations centers where you are much more likely to contract this disease.  In fact, as I have reported repeatedly, there have been just 17 deaths, and slightly over 780 cases in ten months in Lincoln County where we reside, and that is pretty much reflective of what is happening in most of rural America.  Our summer travel plan kept us in rural America 95% of the time, and finished with our arrival in another part of rural America where we will spend the winter. 

Our other reason for choosing Seal Rocks RV Cove was we have always loved Coastal Oregon, especially in the Fall and Winter.  Do we love being stuck inside for 3-4 days when constant rain dictates it.....of course not.  But do we love Coastal Oregon in general, absolutely!

Sunday I was called off work about 8:30 am.  While I was workless Sunday, TLE worked from 3 pm to 4 pm, as is her normal winter schedule.  At 4 pm I drove the VW down to the office to pick her up, and drive her into Waldport to pick up a few things at Ray's.  As you know we are using our former Dometic absorption refrigerator as an ice box until our new one is delivered, and it appears it will be delivered on December 23rd.  At any rate, for the time being we go through two 5 pound blocks of ice every 2+ days, and it was time to replenish that supply. We were back home 40 minutes later.

We spent our evening watching a few more episodes of 'Arrow' from Season 6, and called it a day around 10:30 pm....thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Sounds peaceful and work hours quite acceptable ☺️