Sunday, December 20, 2020


 8:32 am - Sunday - December 20th - Seal Rock, OR - 52° F, 100% humidity, wind - CALM....heavy overcast, raining now, and all night long.....continuing rain today with a forecast high of 53° we're 1° from the high today at 8:32 am.  On this date in 2014 we were at Rincon Parkway (Ventura, CA) getting ready to watch the sunset with Margaritas in hand......↴

And the rain continued relentlessly all day Saturday, all night Saturday, and would continue through the early Sunday morning hours without interruption.  We are pretty much hunkered down for the duration, and it appears the duration means around Wednesday, but for a couple of days only, then the rain resumes.  This kind of rain is kind of a new experience for us, but we are continuing forward with style.  We knew, in advance, what to expect of a winter on the Oregon Coast.  Looking at the picture above kind of makes me just a tad envious of that time we had on Rincon Parkway 6 years ago.  

I don't think I went outside all day long.  Of course, there were English Premier matches, and NCAAF football games to pass the time.  Sometimes the rain came down with such force that I had to turn up the TV volume quite high just to barely hear what the announcers were saying.

I wish there was more to share about Saturday, but the above is the long and the short of it.  As I write  I have already been called off work today (Sunday), which means I now have a 4 day weekend, and counting.  Why "and counting"?  Well, based on the current forecast this rain will continue through Tuesday afternoon, or evening, so I may end up with a 6 day weekend when it is all said and done.

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