Thursday, December 17, 2020


7:58 am - Thursday - December 17th - Seal Rock, OR - 48° F, 82% humidity, wind 14 mph out of the west by southwest.....heavy cloud cover, rain, today with a forecast high of 50° F.  On this date in 2018 we had two days left at our Amazon you can see we were patiently crossing off the days until our release........↴

I reported for work at 8:30 am Wednesday to help Greg draw some effluent samples from our septic system to be taken into town to be tested.  This is a bi-annual requirement.  Usually Greg handles this all by himself, but he had developed an infection in his left foot the day before, which required a visit to the local emergency room.  As a result he was hobbled a bit by pain, and in order to stand, or get around he required the use of a crutch, which prevented him from personally drawing the samples out of the various septic bunkers in the WDS yard.  In all I drew 10 samples for testing in about 60 minutes.  By 9:30 am it had begun to rain once again, abruptly ending my day of toil in the fields of SRRVC.  Before I put away the golf cart I drove up to our site to retrieve our accumulating trash from the trailer, and drove it down to the nearest dumpster.

After putting away the golf cart I was home about 9:50 am, and within a few minutes TLE was off to her two hours shift.  I wore my new rain jacket to work, and it worked well keeping me quite dry.  Over the next two hours it continued raining, and was still raining, quite hard, when TLE arrived home from work shortly after 12 pm.

Prior to the Wuhan flu we would often go out to eat, or to see a movie on a rainy day, but most local restaurants are closed until after New Years due to the extreme COVID restrictions enacted by the Governor of Oregon, and those who are open require advance reservations as they are only allowed to use 25% of their seating capacity, plus we have not found a movie theater open for business in 9 months.  All that in a county with just 17 deaths,  and 780 cases in 10 months..... why? On the bright side our entertainment budget is brimming with unspent funds, but the lack of any place to go to spend time away from home kind of keeps us homebound on rainy days.  So far we are coping just fine, but after looking at the extended 15 day forecast it appears we will have no interruption in rain until after the New Year.  We may need to schedule another long weekend somewhere on the Oregon Coast in the very near future.

You may recall I wrote about our 'leveling' (click here to read about that) issues back on November 27th, which required me to move the coach forward a few feet in order to move gravel around the front and rear wheels (lower the front wheels, and raise the rear wheels) to make it easier to keep the coach level for more than a few days.  I am happy to report that since.  It has been 20 days since that adjustment, and we have not had to relevel the coach once during that time.

As I write it is raining again, and it appears I will be called off work once again....we'll see....thanks for stopping by!

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  1. "All that in a county with just 17 deaths, and 780 cases in 10 months..... why?" If you can't figure out why you must have your head in the sand!

    1. It was a rhetorical question. If you have been reading my blog for the last few months you know I know why. Thank you for commenting!


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