Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Moving on......

 6:44 am - Wednesday - December 16th - Seal Rock, OR - 46° F,93% humidity, wind - CALM.....overcast, cool today with a forecast high of 52° F, and rain.  On this date in 2011 we were just 9 days from celebrating our first Christmas of our full time life in the Newell.....Rancho Jurupa Regional Park, December 16, just 6 weeks we would begin our year round travels.....↴

Predictably I was called off work via text message from Terry around 9 was raining 'cats and dogs', and the wind was blowing in the mid 20's.  I immediately slipped into 'day off' mode, with an English Premier match playing on the TV in the background, and a good book in my hands I settled into my recliner.  Nice to be in the warm, dry confines of the Newell on a very cold, blustery, rainy day.

There was no off day for the office staff, so TLE headed down to the office around 11 am for her 1 hour shift around 11 am, and returned about 12:10 pm.  Originally, prior to the cancellation of our holiday plans, we would have been up at 5:30 am to be online in time to get our seats assigned for our various flights, and then doing some more packing, but instead we were sitting in the quiet confines of the Newell feeling a little bittersweet about the abrupt change in our plans.

I am happy, as always, to report that TLE and I continue to be asymptomatic to the Wuhan flu, and Lincoln County, where we reside for the immediate future, continues to report just 16 deaths, and 780 confirmed cases from COVID in over 10 months.  Lincoln County has just a small fraction of all the deaths and cases in Oregon.  Many other counties report tens of thousands of cases, and hundreds of deaths.  Once again, I say, we picked a good place to ride out the winter.  Nationwide over 98% of people who have contracted the Wuhan flu have recovered.  While it is extremely deadily for a small percentage of our population, 98-99% are not at risk of dying.  All that being said, every death from any cause is tragic for those left behind.

The wind continued to blow until late afternoon when it began to abate, and the rain came and went all day.  We received notifiction that our new Dometic absorption fridge has been shipped and will arrive here in Seal Rock on December 23rd.  We have turned our defunct Dometic into an 'icebox' by buying blocks of ice, which we put in Rubbermaid dish pans to contain the melting ice.  With a block of ice in the former 'freezer' we can keep the temp in the low 40's, and in the former 'fridge' porton below 50.  Things which need cooler temps are in the dorm fridge in the trailer, and frozen items are in our basement Norcold refer, which is working well in its new roll as a freezer.  At any rate, we are coping quite well while we await the delivery of our new fridge.

Nothing more to report other than we spent the evening binge watching another 4 episodes of season 5....we're up to episode 20 out of 23.

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