Saturday, December 19, 2020

Sleep in, sleeping in, slept in.....

 8:46 am - Saturday - December 19th - Seal Rock, OR - 48° F, 94% humidity, wind - CALM......heavy cloud cover, rain all night, and will rain most of today with a forecast high of 53° F.  On this date in 2019 the staff at RORVR had their Christmas party.....a few weeks later we were given our pink slips......↴

.....and on this date in 2018 we were having our farewell dinner with our good friends from Amazon......↴

As is our wont, we slept in Friday morning until 8 am.  It's really kind of funny to say we 'slept in', because we always 'sleep in' 7 days a week....I mean, after all, getting up at 7:20 am on a work day is just the same as 'sleeping in', right?  Way, way back in our woraday life TLE was often up before 4 am, and I was always up before 6 am.  On weekends when I had soccer matches to officiate I was often up at 5 am.  Back then when we both worked, were paying a mortgage, and simultaneously raising 5 children 'sleeping' in' was a rare, but cherished luxury.  In reality, since on workdays I don't go to work until 10 am I could sleep into 9 am if I wished.  When you get to 'sleep in' accompanied by rain on your roof it is even more delicious.

Friday was a repete of most days the past week......rain, rain, rain, and then there were a few hours in the afternoon with pretty high winds buffeting the Newell.  We still haven't redeployed the patio awning since we stowed it earlier in the week as we have had afternoon winds virtually every single day.

Years ago when we spent each summer at South Lake Tahoe, and began arriving there earlier each Summer, and leaving later each Fall we bought one of the heated water hoses to protect against freezing.  That hose really came in handy when we spent the winter at the Grand Canyon, and the low temps were often in the teens at 7,300' elevation.  Well, in anticipation of our trip to Alaska last year we left that heated hose in our son's warehouse along with other items we felt we would not need during our summer sojourn of those items was that heated hose.   Eventually, we will get temps below freezing here in Coastal Oregon, and we will need that heated hose again.  I'm not sure where it is in the warehouse, but if my son could locate it he would then have to box it up and ship it to us....that would be expensive, and I didn't want to inconvenience him, so I just ordered a new one through Amazon, and it arrived here on Friday.  Our overnight lows are still mostly in the mid to high 40's, but we have had a few nights where it got down into the mid 30's, so no point in not being prepared.  

Other than a brief foray to the Post Office to pick up the heated hose, and then into Waldport to buy some more block ice for our Dometic 'icebox', we spent the entire day inside out of the elements doing some housework, and reading.  Since I only worked an hour on Wednesday, and none on Thursday I'm essentially getting a four day weekend this week.....nice.

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