Thursday, December 10, 2020

Another failure......

 7:53 am - Thursday - December 10th - Seal Rock, OR - 37° F, 100% humidity, wind - CALM.....heavy overcast today, rain later today with a forecast high of 47° F.  On this date in 2016 we had just arrived in Wittmann, AZ at the property of our good friends Tom and Darlene....I was pulling stuff out of the trailer to enjoy the 'lido deck'.......↴

The 'Lido Deck' taking shape.... aerial view of Tom and Darlene's property

Once again I was able to work a full shift on Wednesday....that's 9 straight work days I have been able to work after a couple of weeks with too much rain, and too little work.  Our main golf cart has been in the shop for three weeks, but it was returned Tuesday afternoon.  This is the only cart that has a hitch.  Without this golf cart we have not been able to haul a lot of clippings and prunings to the burn pile, so Blake and I spent the first hour catching up on that task.  The final hour was spent scraping loose paint off picnic tables in preparation for paint.  I was home just after TLE.

For the first time since we arrived at Seal Rock I rode my Cannondale Bad Boy two days in succession.  I successfully repeated the same route from Tuesday, but did it one minute faster, and upped my miles per hour to 14.0....a nice improvement.....

474 caloric units consumed

.....I'm not sure how I was able to do the ride faster the second day.  The conditions were exactly the same as breeze of which to speak, and pretty much the same temp, and time of day.  If the rain holds off Thursday long enough I'll, hopefully, get a third ride in as many days.

On an unexpected note, it appears our Dometic fridge is dying.  We've had it almost 9 years now, and when it was gifted to us by Tom and Darlene it was at least 4 years old.  It has been in almost continuous use over the last 9 years.  Oh well, that has been the story of seems all of our major appliances are biting the dust in one 12 month period.  As a stop gap TLE and I drove into the Walmart Wednesday evening and bought a dorm type refrigerator to put the contents of the fridge in until we get it (the Dometic) fixed, or replaced, and we turned the Norcold basement fridge into a freezer, moving all of my beer collection into cardboard boxes in the trailer.  That's life....stuff breaks, and you fix it......

.....since there is no room inside the Newell for a second refrigerator, we set it on a table outside the mid-entry door.  For stuff we need on regular basis we are keeping those items in our small Igloo ice chest in the kitchen.  

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  1. When our Dometic fridge gave up the ghost we ordered a cooling unit for it. Took the fridge out in the RV, laid it flat on the dinette (made into a bed). Pulled the old cooling unit, put the new one in, put it back in the hole, hooked it up and it worked.
    Probably should have gone with a 12v compressor fridge but battery space is tight.

  2. After 15 years of use, I had to replace the refrigerator, AC and toilet in the last 11 months. Just wore it out full timing and thats not all bad.

    1. Barney, I feel your pain. In the last 12 months we have replaced our water heater, a TV, our satellite dish, our basement refer, rebuilt the dump valves, our Splendid washer/dryer, and now our refrigerator. We've been living in our Newell for 10 years now.