Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Two for one.......

 6:39 am - Wednesday - October 19th - Niland, CA - 70° F, 45% humidity, wind - CALM....forecast high for today is 91° F.  TLE and I are going to work early today to help with some cleanup before opening weekend, so I will be posting my blog later today.  Thank you for your patience!

As it turned out I never got back to the blog Wednesday.....TLE and I volunteered (for pay, of course) to pick up all the palm fronds generated by the recent trimming of the 100's of palm trees here.  I figured it would take parts of two days, and I also figured that TLE and I would need at least one day to get acclimated to the hotter temperatures, and I was not sure how long we would last the first day.  At any rate here we go:


We slept in Tuesday, but around 10 am Cal (the owner) came by to give us the tour of our work area where we will prepare pizzas 'to go' beginning Thursday.  They have full kitchen, which was a very busy place prior to COVID when the restaurant (Sassy's Outback Grill) was running at full capacity.  Due to COVID they lost their wonderful chef of 10 years, and their entire wait staff (3 servers) who had been with them the same number of years.

We returned home around to take at easy, as beginning Wednesday we would be working outside for a couple of days helping them get the park ready for the influx of customers beginning Thursday.


TLE and I reported for work at 7 am Wednesday.  Everything is automated here, including the time clock.  Cal (the owner) showed us how to download the app to our phones, which is Time Clock Wizard.  We can clock in and out via the app, and our paychecks will be automatically deposited.  While we were awaiting Cal's arrival I took a couple of pictures of the alfresco dining area of the restaurant (Sassy's Outback Grill).  Back before the Wuhan Flu was unleashed upon us the restaurant was a busy place, serving upwards of 70 meals per hour for breakfast and dinner.  They lost their chef of 10 years, as well as the wait staff and haven't been able to replace of the casualties of the lockdowns.....

.....I didn't take any pictures of our work on Wednesday, but it was intensely hot in the the shade it was quite pleasant, however, there is not much shade here......the temp was only around 90° F, but being out in the direct sun was a chore, especially combined with the chore we were performing....picking up 100's of palm fronds, and putting them in a large dump trailer.  We made it to about 9:30 am before we quit for the day (2.5 hours of work).  We ended up filling the trailer four times, and dumping four times before we called it a day.  While the palm fronds are not very heavy they have hundreds of sharp needles on each palm frond which can easily draw me how I  I think it will take us another 5 hours (each) to finish the job on Thursday.

Later in the day, after I had recovered from the heat, I spent time installing the telescoping pole I bought on eBay on which to mount our Starlink 'dishy' to get it off the ground.  I bought the pipe adapter (on the top of the pole, between the 'dishy' and the pole).  Keeping it on the ground worked fine at LPG&RVR, as it sat behind the Newell, but in order for it to get a clear, unobstructed view of the northern sky here I needed to mount it high off the ground......

....I mounted the pole on the right front of the trailer, and I think it came out pretty nicely.  I also deployed some of our rope lights,  and set up our Adirondack chairs.....soon we will have a 'lido deck' once again.....

.....we were in bed by 9 am in anticipation of another early workday.

Thanks for stopping by!

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