Friday, October 21, 2022


 7:23 am - Friday - October 21st - Niland, CA - 68° F, 59% humidity, wind 4 mph out of the south by southeast......partly cloudy today with a forecast high of 90° F.  On this date in 2013 we were westbound on I-90 about 40 miles east of Bozeman, MT.....breathtaking scenery......↴

Thursday we were determined to work more than 2.5 hours, or at least I was....TLE had her reservations.  I figured we had about 8 more trailer loads of palm fronds to pickup, then dump for future burn pile consideration......

Still smiling, but my oh my is it hot!

.....we clocked out for a 15 minute break at 9 am after working two hours, then again at 11 am for a 60 minute lunch (we didn't really clock out for our break....we get paid for our breaks, but not for lunch).  After our lunch break it took us another 45 minutes to collect one more load, which we believed was our last load, especially after driving around the entire park one more time to make sure we had not missed any.  So, over two days (Wednesday and Thursday - or a little over 7 hours of labor) we collected and dumped 12 loads of palm fronds, and learned that this type of work is not for old people with old people

TLE's injuries

My injuries

.....we each wore long sleeved shirts, but both chose to wear shorts, however, none of our garments really protected us completely from the sharp needle like thorns with adorn each palm frond.

Around 4 pm we reported for our first evening of take out pizza making.  The first hour was spent learning how to prepare and make each pizza.  First we made one for our dinner, which we shared with the owners, Cal and Roslyn.  I neglected to memorialize any of the pizza preparation, and/or consumption with pictures, but there will be pictures tomorrow for sure.  We all agreed the pizza was fine, but we also felt the crust should be more crispy.  The pizza oven we use (Turbo Chef) can cook a fresh dough pizza in 90 seconds, but we are using frozen dough.  You can adjust the temperature for the top and bottom to different temps.  Our initial settings were 500° F for the top, and 600° F for the bottom.   We ran the timer for 90 seconds before rotating the pizza, then another 90 seconds (3 minutes in all), but that did not seem to get the dough crispy.  The next pizza we made was for one of the employees, and we did 110 seconds twice, but that was still not what we wanted......don't get me wrong, the dough was done, just not crispy.

While we waited for additional orders TLE did some YouTube research and found one guy doing 500° F for the top, and 750° F for the bottom, and getting a frozen pizza cooked in 4 minutes.  As it turned out there were no more orders Wednesday evening, which was to be expected.  This is a new thing (take out pizza) they are offering, and there were only 30 rigs in the park Thursday evening.  As people checked in we made them aware of the take out pizza option, and they indicated they might order Friday evening.  We expect more activity Friday night, and will get to check our temps further.

We were home in time for a beautiful sunset, and after glow.....

....thanks for stopping by!

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