Saturday, October 29, 2022

The move.....

8:01 am - Saturday - October 29th - GNHS - 60° F, 30% humidity, wind 4 mph out of the west by northwest......crystal clear, blue, sunny skies today with a forecast high of 82° F.  On this date in 2013 TLE and I were courtesy parked in front of my brother's home near Salt Lake City, UT......↴

When we last left off TLE and I had agreed to move from site #225 to the 'overflow' spot next to the Roadrunner Community Room, which is directly across from the park office/restaurant.  We were up before 6 am Friday in order to be ready to begin moving our stuff by 7 am.  The forecast high for Friday was 78° F, and would be the coolest day for a few days, so getting an early start to the move meant we would probably finish well before it even reached 70° F.  Once I had posted my latest missive titled "It's over....", I headed outside to dump our black tank, then begin to unhook our utilities.  Once that was done TLE and I walked the EZ-UP dining canopy over to our new site.....we didn't want to fold it up as that would have meant removing the Edison lights, and then reinstalling them at the new site....a process that would take the better part of an hour.  It took us 5 minutes to walk the canopy over to the site.....easy choice.

From there we walked back to site #225 to retrieve the VW at which time TLE drove us down to pickup the GNHS dually pickup, which Kyle had given us permission to use to move the trailer, and haul all the outside stuff.  Once the trailer was close to where we wanted it we unhooked it from the pickup, and then, using the Trailer Valet, moved it into its permanent site for the next 5 months.

Once that was in place the rest of the dominos fell quickly, and we were officially in our new site before 9:30 am.  Here is what our new, a work in progress, site looked like a few minutes after we plugged in the Newell, and began to redeploy our stuff......

The Dodge dually we used to move the trailer, and other stuff

'Welcome to Paradise'


We have a much nicer, unobstructed view of the Chocolate Mountains

....we spent the next couple of hours working on the 'lido deck' (moi), and working on the interior of the coach (TLE), then decided to take a walk over to the hot springs tubs for an hour soak.  This was TLE's first time, but my third.  Within minutes all our aches and pains disappeared.  

After returning from our soak we spent the balance of the afternoon relaxing, and streaming a new to us series on the FXNow channel called 'Welcome to Wrexham'.....our daughter, Meredith, recommended it, and we like it a lot.  It is essentially a documentary about the purchase of a soccer club in Wales called Wrexham Dragons by Ryan Reynolds (world famous super hero, and Rob McElhenney (It's always sunny in Philadelphia).  The Dragons are buried deep in the National League (soccer), and Ryan and Rob bought the team to improve it and gain promotion to higher, more profitable leagues.  It is a true story, and also quite entertaining.....check it out!

More work to still do on the 'lido deck', and that will continue on Saturday.  The guys from Colorado Outback adventures will arrive with all their equipment Tuesday evening, and work will begin Wednesday to be ready to rent ATV's on Thursday.

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  1. Hope your comfortable in your new location.
    Looks like you will be listening to air conditioners
    when your outside.
    Nice Mountain View’s!
    Linda a.

    1. Fortunately, Linda, that building is rarely used, so the A/C will not be an issue, plus with winter coming on quickly here the need for A/C will diminish, too.


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