Saturday, October 8, 2022

October 2nd to October 8th.......

6:54 pm - Saturday - September 8th - Likely, CA - 72° F, 18% humidity, wind 4 mph out of the west.  On this date in 2018 we ate a late lunch at Katz's Deli in Manhattan, NY, made famous by the movie "When Harry met Sally"......↴

Best hot pastrami sandwhich ever!


It's been a week since I posted, and so I will catch you up to date on the happenings at Likely Place Golf and RV Resort starting with Sunday, October 2nd:


It was my last day off  for 5 days.  I continued to work, Sunday, on organizing the trailer for eventual VW insertion on October 9th, and that was about the extent of my activity Sunday.


On Monday we were back to 'punching' greens.  We had finished the front 9, plus the putting green on the prior Thursday, so we began with green #10 at 8 am.  We managed to get 10, 11, 12 and 13 done Monday (punched, sanded, and scraped), but I could tell we were developing into a very efficient team....Monday was our best day by far. 


We began Tuesday on green #14, and managed to get 14, and 15 done before 10 am, but the 'punching' machine got out of sync, and we had to stop, and take the machine apart to get both chains lined up again properly.  That took about an hour to fix......

Jose (course superintendent) working on the Ryan punching machine

Pretty soon we had 4 people working on it

....once the timing chains were realigned we were able to get back to work, but we only got one more green done leaving just 17, and 18, plus the 'sod farm' to punch, and sand on Wednesday.

An added bonus to Tuesday was the arrival of Rich and Marnie for whom we worked back in 2019/2020 at Ramona Oaks RV Resort for 9 months.  We've managed to keep in touch with them since then, and this is the 4th, or 5th time we have hooked up with them since we left Ramona Oaks back in January of 2020.....

Rich and Marnie like to take 'foot' pictures, so TLE got one with them.....

....and then I got mine just before they left Wednesday (I was out punching greens Wednesday)

....we spent a couple of hours with them at our site talking about everything under the sun.  We always enjoy hooking up with them, and are so thankful they included us in their travels again this summer!


The greens on the back 9 are smaller than the greens on the front 9, and on Wednesday we punched 17, 18, and the sod farm before lunch, and got right to scraping the sand off the greens right after lunch finishing around 2 pm........

DeWayne is in the foreground in both of these pictures the time we finished at 2 pm we were all tired from 6-7 days (depending on when one started) of hard work.....I managed to get all the guys in one place to take the necessary 'usie', but some how DeWayne got blocked out by my

Left to right: Jose, Mike, Walt, Mike, DeWayne, and moi, we basically punched 18 greens, the putting green, and the sod farm in 7 days (I didn't work the first day as it was my day off).....not too bad for a bunch of mostly old!

Since it was only 2 pm Walt and I decided to clear the driving range of golf balls as the trash can in the Clubhouse was completely, and totally empty.  We managed to finish by 3 pm, and called it a day.

TLE and I decided we would sit outside Wednesday evening, and I caught this cool picture of the moon at about 2/3's...


I was back to my normal activities on Thursday.....I staged 15 carts to begin the day, and we we ended up renting 18 for the entire day.....not too bad.  I also mowed the tent sites for the final time this summer, but that was about it, as when I returned from lunch virtually all 18 carts had been returned, and needed to be washed, and put away, and that pretty much took me up to 5 pm.


One of my favorite activities this summer has been taking the slow moving John Deere riding lawnmower out to mow the tee boxes on 18, 17, 16, 15, 3 and 10, and Friday was my last ride around the course doing just that.  I took a few minutes at the blue tee box on 16 to take pictures of my favorite view here at LPG&RVR.... the time I returned it was about 11:45 am, and almost time to relieve TLE for her lunch break.  I only took a 30 minute lunch Friday (I began work at 7:30 am), because I wanted to be off at 4 pm.  I took a selfie around 2:30 pm......only 90 minutes left of my summer job......

......while I am somewhat happy my work is done here this summer at LPG&RVR, it is really a very bitter sweet feeling.  We really loved our time here, and, frankly, would be happy just to remain here all winter, but winters are very cold, and windy here, and we've already done that at the Grand Canyon back in the winter of 2017/2018......I'm a fair weather person, and knowing we are heading to the SoCal desert for the winter to soak in hot springs for 6 months makes me happy, but I will miss, terribly, the big views here, the quiet, very dark nights.


I would normally have been working Saturday (my regular 4 day schedule would have had me working Wednesday through Saturday, but that would have made 6 days in a row working, so I called in a marker, and asked Walt to take my place Saturday (I worked for him back in July), and he graciously accepted, so I was able to spend all day Saturday finalizing the organization of the trailer, and putting everything else away.  By the end of the day we had the turf inside the trailer, and are ready for VW insertion Sunday morning.....

.....around 6 pm TLE and I headed over to the Clubhouse to meet with Walt, his wife Teresa, and Kathy, along with her husband Richard. Walt and I shared the outside job, and TLE and Kathy the office job....we all got along great, and we look forward to the same arrangement next summer as we will all be returning for a repeat performance.  I caught anther great picture of the now full moon as it rose over the Warner Mountains.....

.....of course we took the requisite 'usie' to memorialize the occasion......

Left to right: TLE, Richard, Kathy, Teresa, Walt, and moi I close this latest blog post I am grateful for the wonderful summer we had, and the new friend we have made.  We've worked at a lot of amazing places over the past 10.5 years, but this was the most amazing yet.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Totally agree ... Katz's has the best sandwich EVER!!

  2. Bittersweet departure, I'm sure. It sounds like you had an awesome summer! Safe travels to the desert! Enjoy!


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