Friday, April 26, 2024

A 'grab bag'....

 6:13 am - Friday - April 26th - LPG&RVR - 38° F, humidity 97% (raining), wind 3 mph out of the northwest.....raining with a forecast high of 49° F.  On this date in 2021 I was spreading gravel with a small Kubota loader/backhoe at Sear Rocks RV Cove to level this site....

...I did a lot of that the year we were there, and it was one of my favorite jobs.

Thursday began with a threat of rain, and it did rain for about an hour, but the main threat would come later in the day.  At first I wasn't sure I was going to be able to work at all as it was wet from the rain we had all night, but it eventually dried out and I was able to do my first string trimming of the season (around the small pavilion), and was able to mow around the putting green, plus two the employee sites, and finally the tee boxes at 15 and 16.  

I made a comment to Dennis, my boss, that the goose and duck leavings haven't been too bad this Spring, and he agreed, but suggested I 'knock on wood', which I should have done, but didn't.  When I went out to check the tee boxes at hole #3 I was dismayed to find it as bad as I have ever seen!  I'm not really a superstitious guy, but maybe there is something to that 'knocking on wood' fable.

I gave TLE her lunch break at 12 pm thinking I would just head home after that, but the rains had not yet come by the time she returned so I kept busy washing a few carts left over from Wednesday, and with the aforementioned mowing.  I worked through lunch as I often do, and especially on this day as I wanted to get in my 8 hours before the rains came.  By 3:45 pm I had reached my goal and headed for the Newell for a hour before returning to retrieve TLE at 5 pm.

Upon my return she was still about 10 minutes away from closing down the office for the night, so I grabbed a few golf balls and my putter and spent some time on the putting green.  It was obvious Jose had mowed it since last Saturday as I didn't have to strike the all quite as hard to get it to the hole.  The greens are always slow in early spring as they are still recovering from being 'punched' the prior October.  By the time I had putted around the 5 hole course twice TLE was ready to go home.

The forecast rain did not arrive until after 11 pm, but once it began it has not quit.  As I write, it is still raining, and should be raining until late afternoon.  The temps today (Friday) will only get to 49° F, so the 'grab bag' of weather in April continues. Just a few days ago it got up to 77° F, and now we're back in the 40's again.  Thankfully, no snow is forecast, so we've got that going for us!

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