Monday, April 22, 2024

Back to the 'lido deck'.....

6:53 am - Monday - April 22nd - LPG&RVR - 34° F, humidity 81%, wind 1 mph out of the east by southeast....partly cloudy today with a forecast high of 73° F.  On this date in 2020 I was helping Glenn and Laureen (brother and sister-in-law) install their new solar panels on the roof of their 1984 Newell Classic.....

At last......a nice, sunny day to continue working on the trailer interior, and the 'lido deck' setup.  TLE had a full laundry hamper of soiled clothing to wash, so to get it done quickly she used our onboard Splendide washer/dryer, plus two machines down at the RV park laundry.  While she was shuttling back and forth I worked on getting our three bikes put together, and out of the way so I could set up my Black & Decker Workmate workbench, and my 'back machine', and well as deploy the balance of my tools.  After completing those tasks I moved the two camp chairs out to the 'dining/gaming deck', and deployed one of the anti gravity chairs so I could take breaks on the 'lido deck' throughout the day to watch the RBC Heritage Championship golf tournament.  I don't normally get too excited about the RBC, as it is the week after The Masters, and kind of anti-climatic, but Scottie Scheffler was going for his 4th win in the past 5 tournaments, and we wanted to see if he would succeed.  The only tournament he lost in the past 5 he came in 2nd place, so he's on quite a run.

Next I deployed both of our market umbrellas, and affixed the suction cup flagpole holders to the rear of the trailer.  It takes a day or so for me to get them to stay affixed to the ramp door at the rear of the trailer before I actually set up the flag pole (Flag Pole Buddy).  I don't do that until I'm sure the suction cups will remain in place....

Putting greens are deployed

Getting there!

Trailer is now converted over to a work shop once again

.....we set up the outdoor TV on the Rubber Maid storage unit, which is now over by the electrical pedestal, and it worked great.  The sun screens we deployed reduced the glare from the sun completely!  I ended up taking an hour nap in the anti gravity chair during the rain delay at the golf tournament....perfect!

By the end of the day all of our laundry had been washed, and was sitting on the foot of the bed neatly folded by the loving hands of TLE, and ready to be put away one more time.  We sat outside for about an hour watching the sun slide to the western horizon, and then headed indoors around 6 pm for Shrimp Alfredo....that woman can cook!

As it turned out, the rain delay at the RBC was so long that it got too dark to continue play, so with Scottie having just finished the 15th hole (sinking a long par putt), and with three holes to go for him, they suspended play until 8 am (eastern time) Monday morning (5 am PDST), so I set the DVR to record the final three holes, and TLE watched them this morning (Monday) whilst still in bed....Scottie ended up winning by 3 strokes...a nice way to begin any day.

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