Monday, April 1, 2024

Last day forever......

 4:20 pm - Monday - April 1st - Yuma, AZ - 71° F, humidity 40%, wind 4 mph out of the south by southeast......overcast with occasional sun, and a forecast high of 71° F, which has been realized.  On this date in 2012 TLE and I were courtesy parked in the driveway of long time friend Ernie Prociw in Stuart, FL.....

....he has a circular driveway, so we parked the trailer at one end and the Newell at the other end with the T-Bird in between.

Sunday was our last full day at GNHS for the rest of our lives.  We started around 8 am to take down, and stow the dining canopy, and finalize the organization of the trailer so we could insert the turf, and then the VW.  Once that was complete around 12 pm I backed the Newell out of the place where it has resided for 6 months (5 months and 2 weeks), and then, with Kyle's help we turned the trailer around using his 1/2 ton pickup.  We then backed the Newell up to the trailer, dropped it upon its hitch, and pulled forward to park for the night next to the COA office.  We would not insert the VW until Monday morning just prior to our departure time around 10 am.  We mounted the new Rubber Maid container on top of the tool box mounted on the tongue of the trailer and used a ratcheting cargo strap to hold it in place.....↴

....I attached a couple of cargo anchoring points for attachment of the ratcheting cargo strap. 

We had a quiet final evening at GNHS while watching the current episodes of Survivor and Amazing Race, and were in bed by 9:30 am.  My back continues to mend, and is improving by the hour.

Below we have arrived at our destination for the next 5 days, and will be dry camping for that duration.  Cost for the RV site is $8 per day.....↴ for any of those naysayers out there who may not have believe we would get the VW into the trailer this time, here is proof that we were successful.....↴ was just 48 hours ago that the interior of trailer looked like this.....↴ any rate, we have successfully overcome the gravitational pull of GNHS, and have repositioned ourselves close to TLE's dental appointments coming up on Thursday and Friday.  We're facing west with the Newell, so we'll have sun on the solar panels from morning to dusk.  Our fresh water tank is full, and our waste tanks are virtually empty as I write.  We have the Starlink modem plugged into the Bluetti 2000 watt solar charger for continuous WiFi, and will set it outside tomorrow  with it's portable solar panels attached to recharge it while it continues to provide continuous power to the Starlink modem, and all of that without the sound of the Honda 2000 generator running in the background.  Life is good!

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