Sunday, March 31, 2024

The Jello jiggled.....

 7:40 am - Easter Sunday - March 31st - GNHS - 52° F, humidity 71%, wind 6 mph out of the southeast......mostly clear skies today with a forecast high of 70° F.  On this date in 2014 TLE and I were riding zip lines at 'Out of Africa' near Cottonwood, AZ......

....what a cool dad that was!

Saturday began with the threat of rain early afternoon, and by 12:30 pm it had begun to fall.  We had four all day rentals on Saturday, which was our last day of working for COA this winter.  We had them all on their way by 10 am (not everyone shows up at 9 am), and then I returned to organizing the trailer, and taking down the balance of the 'lido deck'....

.....all that is left is to stow the dining canopy, pull the turf into the trailer, and we're ready to turn the trailer around, which we will do sometime Sunday afternoon.  We've moved up our departure date to Monday, April 1st.  We're going to drive down to Los Algodones on Monday, setup at the Quechan Casino for 5 days, and take care of TLE's dental appointments on Thursday and Friday, then begin our trek northward from there.

All of the rentals were back by 4 pm as it was raining quite steadily, and the RZRs were filthy.  I think it took Hunter until 6:30 pm to finish cleaning them.  I would have been helping, but I strained my lower back taking down the flagpole.  As I was stepping off the step stool I missed the bottom step, but thought I had stuck the landing, and then I lost my balance, and fell over backwards.  I'm fine this morning (Sunday), but I didn't want to aggravate it more than it was.

During the morning I dumped our black tank for the final time here at GNHS, so the final list of things we must do for departure is dwindling rapidly.

We're down to the 'Elite Eight' games now

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