Thursday, March 14, 2024

The root of the problem.....

 4:55 am - Thursday - March 14th - GNHS - 64° F, humidity 28%, wind 24 is dark o'thirty as I write, and the wind is blowing out of the north at 24 mph with gusts over 30 mph.  The forecast high for today is 67° F.  Within an hour we will be heading northwest to Parkhouse Tire in Thousand Palms to get our new VW shoes, and trailer shoes installed.  On this date in 2012 TLE and I took a ride on the Galveston Free Ferry to the Bolivar Peninsula on our way to Louisiana......

Galveston Free Ferry

Bolivar Peninsula

TLE and I were up around 5:45 am, and on our way to Los Algodones by 7:15 am arriving there at precisely 9 am, without incident.  It is tough, however, driving east on I-8 into the rising sun.

After parking in the border parking lot we walked to the Purple Pharmacy where we bought a new supply of anti-biotics, Ivermectin, and Hydroxychloroquine (emergency medicine we should all keep on hand), all of which cost under $50.  Our existing supplies were two years old, and almost out of code.  Then it was 4 block walk to Dr. Eva Urena's dental office to see about fixing TLE's dislodged crown.  This is one of those rare times in the last 20 years when it has been me sitting in the waiting room.

As it turns out the tooth off which the crown fell had some decay under the crown, and would need a root canal.  The tooth next to that had a crack in it, so it will need a root canal, and crown also....doh!  Fortunately the root canal guy, Dr. Armando Hernandez, is right next store to Dr. Urena in the same courtyard, so we just walked over there, and awaited TLE's 11 am appointment there.

The dislodged crown was covering a molar, and had four roots, so it took a good two hours to do the root canal, but TLE emerged around 1 pm, looking none the worse for wear.  We have an appointment on Friday (this Friday) to return for the second root canal.  By the time TLE finished talking with Dr. Urena, and we began our walk back to the border it was 1:45 pm.  When we arrived at the border 10 minutes later the line was as long as we have ever seen it....about 1/8th of a mile.  

After moving just a couple hundred feet in 45 minutes, it appeared we would not get back to US soil until sometime after 5 pm....doh!  Fortunately, we were able to purchase a ride in a car ($20 each) to the border check area for cars, and arrived there less than 15 minutes later, and were back to our car in the border parking lot by 3 pm!  After a quick stop at the Quechan Casino (next to I-8) to use their bathroom and get a couple of Frappuccinos, we were on our way home by 3:20 pm, arriving back at GNHS at 5 pm.  That was the best $40 I've spent in a long, long time.  If we hadn't spent the $40 we would not have been back to the border parking lot until after 5 pm, and would not have been home until 7 pm, or later.

In about 30 minutes from now (Thursday morning) TLE and I will be driving into Thousand Palms to Parkhouse Tire to get the aforementioned tires installed, so it is time to get dressed.

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