Saturday, March 2, 2024

March, already?

6:52 am - Saturday - March 2nd - GNHS - 58° F, humidity 69%, wind 12 mph out of the south by southeast....crystal clear, blue, sunny skies today with a forecast high of 71° F.  On this date in 2014 TLE and I were at a family party with our son Tim, and his, then, future wife, Laila.....

.....I was still recovering from double hernia surgery three weeks earlier.

Once again we slept in until after 7 am before throwing the curtains back to reveal another beautiful GNHS day....March 1st to be exact.....

....I know it may seem trite to mention that it was just New Years day a few days ago, right?  And it is just 4 years until the next Leap Year!

The temps are steadily rising, and TLE and I determined it had been too warm when we took our walk Thursday at 10 am, so we headed out for another 2 mile out and back walk at 9 am Friday averaging a whopping 3.5 mph....nothing like being back on asphalt!  After returning home I repeated the toning workout from Thursday, then retired to my recliner to read....

Standing in front of site #21 where Charles and Phyllis will be parking their 5th wheel for a week beginning Sunday

....when you are deeply engrossed in a book the time seems to melt away, and suddenly it is 4 pm.  I did spent part of the day outdoors in my anti gravity chair reading, but didn't really do anything else of a productive nature.  The weather guessers are forecasting another wind event this weekend, only the winds are completely out of the west, southwest, and north winds.  Nevertheless, around 5 pm TLE and I began lowering our sail shades, putting away the market umbrellas, then lowering the flag pole, and the dining canopy in preparation for the winds.  Better to do it before the winds arrive, and not at 2 am in the morning, if you get my drift.

While we were in Arizona a significant portion of the many replacement parts for our various damaged RZRs and Generals arrived.  There are still a lot of parts in the proverbial pipeline, but at least they are finally arriving, and can be installed in preparation for the time, which is fast approaching, when we return everything to Polaris.  At any rate, there is a large pile of large boxes in front of the COA office, which need to be dealt with before our Saturday customers arrive.  Time to get dressed, and begin moving boxes!

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