Sunday, March 10, 2024

Hitch itch....

 7:49 am - Sunday - March 10th - GNHS - 50° F, humidity 74%, wind 4 mph out of the north by northeast.....crystal clear, blue, sunny skies today with a forecast high of 75° F.  On this date in 2021 TLE and I were boondocking in the Anza Borrego was windy, of course.....

For the first time in a week we had nothing planned Saturday.  It was Charles and Phyllis' last day here at GNHS before they head back to Phoenix.  It was also the last day of non-DST (Daylight Savings Time).....Saturday evening we would be surrendering, not voluntarily, an hour of our lives to the DST gods.  The sun rose at 5:59 am Saturday, but on Sunday it will rise at 6:59 am.

We lazed around most of the morning sipping coffee, and reading.  Around 12:00 pm I decided it was time to figure out how to install those fog lights I wrote about a couple of days ago, so I removed the driver side of the front bumper (it is in three sections), and then cut the power wire to the old fog light.  It was then I discovered that the old fog light already had a mounting bracket attached to it which would work perfectly with the new lights....doh!  Why didn't I see that the other day?  Once I saw that the old bracket would be much better than anything I might fabricate, I got to work quickly swapping out the driver side fog lamp, and then reinstalling the driver side corner of the bumper.....

....I haven't connected power to the new lamp yet, but I will in the next day, or two after I get the new passenger side fog lamp installed.

Around 2 pm we met Charles and Phyllis at the hot pools/tubs to take a final soak.  While we were soaking and talking Kyle came by and took a picture of the four of us....

.....this is what retired folk should be doing, right?

By  5 pm we had convened to the 'dining/gaming deck' for dinner, which consisted of grilled hamburgers (no buns), salad, baked beans, and potato salad.  We sipped vino, and talked until after 7 pm before retiring for the evening.

There were actually 2 all day rentals Saturday, which Hunter handled.  One of the rentals was a two day rental, which will extend into Sunday when there is already another all day rental scheduled, so he'll be busy  Sunday, too.  If we stick to our original departure date of April 1st, we've got about 3 weeks to go, but we are now leaning towards an earlier departure date of March 26th, or 27th since there are very few rentals scheduled between now and the end of the month, which means we have a tad over 2 weeks to go.  We're both confident Hunter can handle things the rest of the season, and we are getting a serious case of 'hitch itch' so it is time to scratch that 'itch', and roll those wheels once again.

Speaking of rolling wheels, Charles and Phyllis will be rolling theirs this morning (Sunday) and heading back to their stick and bricks home, so it is almost time for the bittersweet 'until next time' farewell hugs.

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