Friday, March 1, 2024

The count down begins.....

 7:39 am - Friday - March 1st - GNHS - 59° F, humidity 59%, wind 7 mph out of the west by northwest....crystal clear, blue, sunny skies today with a forecast high of 73° F.  On this date in 2023 TLE and I awoke to rain, and then a rainbow at GNHS......

Our first full day back home was a deservedly laid back day after a week and a half of non-stop socializing, and driving.  We haven't had to turn on any of our heaters since late last week, so we are officially in that vague, nebulous 'shoulder season' between winter and spring where the temps and weather are quite idyllic.  We stayed in bed until after 7 am, then spent a leisurely couple of hours sipping coffee, and watching the weather forecast for the next week before taking a 2 mile out and back walk, our 16th since December 26th.....

....after a brief cool down period we both did our toning workouts, and then settled into reading.  It is so quiet here at GNHS right now that it is almost spooky.  Pretty much everyone in the park is either a permanent winter resident, or working.  

Speaking of weather forecasts.....there is a large winter storm about to hit southern Oregon and northern California which is forecast to dump 8-10 feet of snow at the higher elevations all along the Sierra Nevada mountain range.  LPG&RVR will be getting snow for the next week solid.

Around mid day I took care of a couple of minor projects around the 'lido deck' area, then returned to reading with  a nap, or two thrown in for good measure.  As things stand right now we only have rentals on Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday is a group of 8 guys out on a bachelor party adventure.  We're renting them four 4 seat RZRs for the adventure for four hours, and I'm a little nervous about this whole thing.  I can just see them flipping one, or two of the RZRs....hope I'm wrong.  On Sunday we have just one 2 hour rental in one of the General 2 seaters, and that is it.

TLE and I have just 4 weeks left in our final go around here at GNHS before heading back north to LPG&RVR, so we're kind of on autopilot for the next two weeks, but then we begin to pack things away in preparation for lift off April 1st, which is a Monday.  We'd like to be back at LPG&RVR by the 7th, or 8th as opening day for the golf course, and RV park is the 13th. 

Also, during the next few weeks we'll be getting new 'shoes' for the VW, and the trailer....that is 8 tires in all.  They will all be Michelins, which we are buying through National Tire Concierge, just as we did last year when we had 4 new Michelins installed as drive tires on the Newell.  Needless to say, these tires will be significantly less expensive than the Newell tires which cost around $2,500 last year.  These 8 tires will run about $150 each, or around $1,200 + tax.  Once these 8 tires are installed we'll be set tire wise on all our rolling stock for around 6-8 years.  As a comparison, the last time I replaced the tires on the trailer back in the summer of 2015 it cost us around $125/tire through Amazon.  The current Amazon price per tire for the same tires is now $241, so National Tire Concierge has really come through once again.  With the final 8 tires we will have bought 14 tires through them....all Michelins for a tad more than the other popular brands (Bridgestone, Firestone, Toyo, Uniroyal, General, etc.).  While the trailer tires will be 9 years old this summer, they still look brand new, and we have not had one tread separation.  When we bought the trailer it had some off brand Chinese trailer tires on it, and over the first 2 years of our travels we had to replace a tire every few months due to tread separation.  Switching to the Michelin light truck tires has been a game changer for us!

We're only expecting around 25 RVs coming into the park this weekend, so we're not sure if we will get any walk up business, or not.  We'll see.

Thanks for stopping by!

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