Saturday, March 30, 2024

That ennui.....

6:45 am - Saturday - March 30th - GNHS - 55° F, humidity 65%, wind 10 mph out of the southeast......partly cloudy today with rain forecast for this afternoon, and a high of 68° F.  On this date in 2018 TLE and I were having a late lunch at the Back Abbey in Claremont, that place.....

 That all too familiar feeling of melancholy and vague ennui is hovering just over my head as I write this morning.  Whenever it is time to roll our wheels and change our views I begin to miss, in advance, where we have been the last period of time.  Our two winters here at GNHS have exceeded our expectations, and we have made new friends whose contributions to our lives will be felt for years.  We have just a week until we depart GNHS for perhaps the final time in our lives as we change up our plans for travel next winter.

We had two bookings for 1/2 day rental for a family of four, and an all day rental for the guy who was late for his 1/2 day rental on Thursday.  Both were on their way by 10 am, and then it was a matter of awaiting their return in the afternoon.

I spent some of the time packing the 'through bay' in the Newell, taking down the BBQ table, and stowing the Sea-B-Que, and both propane tanks in the through bay, and taking down the two tool tables in the trailer, and stowing them, also, in the 'through bay'....

Tool tables gone

Sea-B-Que, Cowboy Wok and BBQ table gone

Through bay packed

....the dining canopy will come down Sunday afternoon, and my Haibike SDURO eBike will be stowed, and all of the stuff left on the floor in the trailer will be moved forward to prepare for turf and VW insertion.

The day was beautiful with light breezes.  After Hunter returned from driving his friends back to the airport in Palm Springs, he joined us to work on installing all of the new RZR parts which have arrived in the past two weeks.  That will be a mammoth task, and one in which I will not be partaking....that is a job for the young guys.....

Hunter working on RZR #1

....both of our customers returned on time, and without incident, and by 5:15 pm we had ended our second to last work day.

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