Thursday, March 7, 2024


7:40 am - Thursday - March 7th - GNHS - 58° F, humidity 68%, wind 4 mph out of the west.....partially cloudy today with a forecast high of 70° F.  On this date in 2021 I hiked with some fellow boondock friends to Coyote Peak in the Santa Rosa Mountains which are located with the Anza Borrego Desert State Park.....TLE chose, wisely, not to participate.  You can read about that adventure here......

 After a flurry of activity on Monday and Tuesday we took it easy Wednesday.  First up was a soak....I haven't had a good soak in about 10 days, so we met Charles and Phyllis at the hot pools/tubs (used the tubs this time, as they were cleaning the hot pools) around 9:30 am to do just that.

Charles and Phyllis needed to restock their filtered water supply, so he suggested we drive down to Niland so they could do just that, and then have lunch at the Buckshot Cafe.  We ate there twice last winter, but have not returned since then, so it sounded good to us.  We left around 11 am, arriving at the YeYa Market around 11:30 am.  Within 10 minutes Charles and I had filled their five 1 gallon water bottles at 50 cents a gallon, and we were on our way over to the Buckshot Cafe....

.....where we had a nice lunch....Charles, Phyllis and I had their 3 crispy taco plate whilst TLE had their ham sandwich.   Everyone gave their meal choices a thumbs up.

We were home around 1 pm, and bid our adieus until dinner at 5 pm.  I read for a while inside (the winds of a few days ago were beginning to return), and then spent a couple of hours trying to install some new fog lights on the Newell.  The fog lights which came with the Newell are 42 year old technology, are not very effective. and pull a lot of 12 volt power for not much illumination.  Before ordering the replacement fog lights I 'carefully' measured the old fog lights, and thought I had a perfect, drop in replacement, but I was wrong.  After two hours of trying to fit them using the existing mounting point, I finally figured out how to install them, but I will need to buy some flat aluminum stock to make a modified mounting bracket which will accommodate the new fog light can dimensions....

That 'Super 4x4' rock shield is removable, and I will be removing it prior to installation

.....the problem with the new fog lights is not their diameter.....that is perfect.  The problem is the cans are about two inches deeper than the old ones, making it necessary to move the mounting point about 2 inches, hence the need for some flat aluminum stock.  Once I knew what I needed to do to complete the installation, I put the front bumper back together. and cleaned up the workbench.  The next time I'm in La Quinta we'll pay a visit to the Home Depot to buy the flat aluminum stock I need to make the new brackets.

TLE and I headed over to Charles and Phyllis' 5th wheel at 5 pm for a delicious chicken curry dinner prepared by the loving hands of Phyllis.  By 5 pm the winds were over 20 mph again, but by the time we began our walk back home around 7 pm the winds had already abated, however, within 15 minutes of our arrival home it began to rain....wait, what?  Yup, it rained on and off for 3 hours.....that was not expected!  Rain on the roof.....a nice way to end a lovely day.

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