Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Holy cow!

7:45 am - Tuesday - March 5th - GNHS - 54° F, 79% humidity, wind 2 mph out of the sout by southeast......partially cloudy today with a forecast high of 73° F.  On this date in 2021 TLE and I were on way back north to Seal Rock, OR after a month's vacation from our jobs there.....here we are staying at the Elks Lodge in Santa Barbara, CA......

TLE and I managed to get in a 1 mile out and back walk first thing in the morning averaging 3.3 mph.....

We haven't done a big shopping for a couple of weeks, so Monday we were off to La Quinta with Charles and Phyllis to do just that.  We left GNHS around 10:45 am, arriving in La Quinta just before lunch time, so our first stop was Rubio's Coastal Grill....nothing like a couple of fish tacos before shopping....

.....after lunch we headed first to Trader Joe's, which is just a block away from Rubios, picked up a few things there, and then headed for COSTCO, which was pretty crowded for a Monday.  By the time we finished shopping, and headed for home it was 1:30 pm, which had us arriving back at GNHS around 2:30 pm....it didn't seem like we were gone for four hours!

TLE and I spent the afternoon reading before heading over to Charles and Phyllis' 5th wheel around 5 pm for dinner.  As it turned out we were having T-Bone steaks for dinner, so it fell to me to grill them, and you know how much I love to fire up our Sea-B-Que!  Charles and Phyllis recently bought a whole processed cow (cut up into various cuts of meat), and these steaks were from that cow, which had been pasture raised, and grass fed, so the meat was tender, and amazingly flavorful.  The T-Bone steaks were quite thick, so they took about 10 minutes per side to get them to the desired medium rare.

After dinner we watched an Agathie Christie move entitled "Murder is Easy", which was a two part one, and it was very good.  We watched the movie on BritBox, which features hundreds of high quality British productions.

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