Friday, March 29, 2024

How about a call?

 6:41 am - Friday - March 29th - GNHS - 57° F, humidity 63%, wind 6 mph out of the west by southwest......crystal clear, blue, sunny skies today with a forecast high of 76° F, and wind later today.  On this date in 2012 TLE and I were kayaking with new friends near Cedar Key, FL....

Our days here at GNHS are numbered, and they are flying into the rear view mirror at a rapid pace.  After Thursday we have just 7 days left before we haul anchor and change our view for the first time in almost 6 months.  However, things are not going so fast that we can't take time for a nice 2 mile walk, which is what we did around 9 am Thursday.  We only had one 1/2 day booking for Thursday, and they were not going out until 1 pm, so we had the whole morning.  We averaged around 3.3 mph for the two miles, and have now covered 106 miles this winter at GNHS.  My right foot is now 100% again, and I don't even think about it quickly things can change....

.....during the morning I was exchanging text messages with our employer at LPG&RVR and I was asking if he could get a bucket load of gravel dumped at our site there before we arrive, so when we do we can use it to level out the area where were going to park the trailer this year.  To illustrate where we wanted the gravel I went to Google Earth on my phone and took a screen shot....I was surprised to see that the current Google Earth view of our site shows our Newell and trailer in last summer's

....anyway, the red circle is where we wanted the gravel dropped.

I clocked in for work at 11:30 am to wash, and detail two of the RZRs, which were quite dirty after several rentals last week, and by 12:30 pm TLE and I were awaiting the arrival of our 1/2 day rental customers.  Well, 1 pm came and went, then 1:30 pm, then 2 pm.....they finally arrived around 2:35 pm, which essentially reduced their 4 hour rental to a 2 hour rental.  They were a tad upset as they assumed they could be out as late as sundown, but we are not open after 5 pm, so that is a 'no go' as they say.  Our rental policy is you can stay out until sunset, or 5 pm, whichever comes first....well, 5 pm comes first now.  On normal work days we clock in for work around 30 minutes before the first scheduled rental of the day, which usually begins at 9 am, making our start time 8:30 am.  Since two of the RZRs needed a spa treatment I went to work 90 minutes early to get them done.  Anyway, they headed out on their abbreviated 2 hour ride, and were back by 5 pm without incident.  They also have an all day rental on Friday, so they'll get in some more riding time then.  During the entire day we never got a call from them saying they'd be late, so we were just kind of hanging out doing nothing the entire time.

We now have just two work days left (Friday and Saturday), with no bookings for Sunday.  We'll spend Sunday through Tuesday finishing the takedown our camp, and organizing the trailer, and then on Wednesday we'll turn the trailer and Newell around facing the entrance so when we return from Los Algodones Friday all we'll have to do is unplug the electrical and roll our wheels early Saturday morning.

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