Monday, March 4, 2024

When guessing goes wrong.....

7:35 am - Monday - March 4th - GNHS - 57° F, humidity 59%, wind 5 mph out of the west by northwest.....crystal clear, blue, sunny skies today with a forecast high of 72° F.  On this date in 2013 TLE and I were in St. Augustine, FL visiting Monk's Vineyard & Wine Shop.....a wine/beer bar in the middle of an antique shop....very funky....

Sunday morning we still had those four RZRs from the all day rental on Saturday which needed their spa treatments, so around 10 am I got dressed, and began to refuel them one at a time, then washing them before putting them away.  It only took me around 90 minutes to get those 4 RZRs ready for their next customers.  Around the time I was putting away the last RZR key, and clocking out Hunter arrived to take care of the single 2 hour rental, which was going out at 12 pm.

As you remember we had taken down  our sail shades, the dining canopy, the 'red wall', and the flag in preparation for the forecast winds on Saturday and Sunday.  We were fully expecting a repeat of Saturday afternoon, but the forecast winds in the high 20's never materialized.  In fact, the breeze never got over 4, or 5 mph....something for which to give thanks.

We were expecting the arrival of Charles and Phyllis sometime Sunday afternoon.  They were driving in from Long Beach, CA where it was raining Sunday.  As they crossed over that magical boundary line called Banning Pass the rain ceased, and soon they were driving in high winds (up to 60 mph), which gradually decreased as they descended into the Coachella Valley.  They arrived here around 1:30 pm without incident.  Out of the rain, and into the sunny Salton Sea sink.

While they headed to their site to set up for a week of fun and games, TLE and I remained indoors reading, still anticipating the forecast winds.  By 4 pm it was obvious there was going to be no wind, so we raised up the dining canopy to its normal height, and reattached the 'red wall' in preparation for dinner alfresco, and began to sort of clean things up after the Saturday winds.

Around 5 pm Charles and Phyllis arrived, and dinner was served.....TLE's famous meatloaf, mashed potatoes and salad.  Charles brought a nice bottle of wine, and we settled into great, nonstop conversation, and the consumption of great food and wine.....

....I love this 'usie' turned out quite nicely, and makes me very happy!

We talked until after 7 pm at which time we cleared the dishes into the Newell, and bid adieu to Charles and Phyllis until Monday morning.

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