Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Everyone is still smiling......

 7:21 am - Wednesday - March 6th - GNHS - 58° F, humidity 61%, wind 5 mph out of the west......cloudy today with a forecast high of 73° F.  On this date in 2014 TLE and I were attending a Spring Training game in Peoria, AZ.....Padres and Rangers.....

What to do when friends and relatives visit? Well, let's take a RZR ride! And that is what we did Tuesday....

Everyone is still smiling

Love this one....Charles and Phyllis...dueling cell phones

Lunch at the Chiriaco Summit Coffee Shop

TLE and Phyllis in the back seat

Red Canyon Jeep Trail....good to know you're on the right trail!

....we left on our adventure around 11 am in one of the 4 seat Generals driving out the Canal Trail to Bradshaw Wash, then up Bradshaw wash to the Red Canyon Jeep Trail arriving at Chiriaco Summit around 12:30 pm where we had a nice, leisurely lunch.  We began the return trip down Red Canyon Jeep Trail around 2 pm, and arrived back at GNHS around 3:30 pm, and everyone was still smiling.  I'll let the pictures (above) tell the story.  You're never quite sure how people will react to RZRing, but Charles and Phyllis loved it!

We reconvened around 4:30 pm to the 'lido deck' for snacks, wine, and a fire......

.....we'll probably take another RZR ride on Thursday, or Friday out to the Bat Caves, so I guess everyone must have had fun!

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