Saturday, April 6, 2024

La Dentista, day two....

5:26 am - Saturday - April 6th - Yuma, AZ - 45° F, humidity 68%, wind 5 mph out of the west by northwest......dark right now, but the forecast calls for partly cloudy with a high of 72° F.  On this date in 2013 TLE and I were hiking through Carter Caves State Park in Kentucky with good friends Richard and Rhonda Entriken, who are also fellow Newell owners.....

Rhonda and TLE

The winds, which arrived Thursday evening, continued unabated all day Friday and into the evening, so we were essentially Newell bound until we left for TLE's final dental appointment of the winter.  Her final appointment to install the two new crowns was set for 1 pm, and we were hoping, along with Dr. Eva, that they would arrive at her office close to that time.  We were in the VW headed for the border parking lot around 12:30 pm, arrived there 5 minutes later, and were at Dr. Eva's office by 12:50 pm.  By 1:10 pm the crowns had arrived, and TLE was in 'the seat' getting them installed, and by 2:20 pm she was done, and had her beautiful smile back once again.  We paid the bill ($380/crown) and were on our way walking back to the border by 2:30 pm where we found a much shorter line than Thursday, but it still took the better part of an hour to get back across to the border parking lot ($6/day), and we were back to the Newell just before 4 pm....not too bad, really....a tad over 3 hours beginning to end.

We had hoped, as you know, to depart on Friday afternoon, but that was not to be due to the winds.  We had also hoped to cover about 120 miles of the 800+ miles to Likely Friday afternoon, leaving just 340 more miles to Bishop, CA where we plan to spend a couple of days, but that did not work out, so Saturday will be kind of along driving day, and we won't get to Bishop until late Sunday morning.....we hope to get as far as Coso Junction (Rest Area, and Truck Stop) where we almost always take a break during our drive to Bishop....we'll spend the night in the Rest Area there instead, and be on our way to Bishop early Sunday.  Wow, that was one 'run on sentence' wasn't it?  Anyway, I say that to say this.  We busied ourselves reinserting the VW into the trailer around 5 pm, fighting the winds all the way, so we can depart The Quechan Casino early Saturday morning....hopefully before 7 am.

As I sit here typing it is still dark outside, and is around 5:40 am....hope to be rolling our wheels before 7 am....all we must do is turn on the engine, air up, and be on our way, but not before we enjoy a good cup of coffee.  

We got a subtle sunset Friday night....

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