Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Taking it to the street!

7:41 am - Tuesday - April 16th - LPG&RVR - 34° F, humidity 84%, wind 0 mph out of the southeast.....98% cloud cover with a forecast high of 62° F.  On this date in 2014  TLE and I were at a National Forest Campground, which sits at 7.200' elevation, just north of Blanding, UT.  I grilled a couple of filets for dinner, and with the addition of a couple of side dishes courtesy TLE, proceeded to enjoy a 'fine dining' evening in the Newell....

We've been at LPG&RVR 5 days as of Monday morning, and we haven't driven into Alturas yet, so we set our sights on 11:30 am to make the 25 minute drive into town do do an extremely small shopping (we just did a big shopping a week before near Carson City, NV), and to stop off at Rubio's Taqueria for some of their amazing street tacos (carne asada for moi).  Our first stop was at the U.S. Post Office to drop off some mail, then over to Rite Aid to freshen our supply of band aids.  It seems we go through a lot band aids between TLE and I as our skin continues to age.

Our next stop was our favorite Holiday Market on the west side of town where TLE bought some produce, and a few other items.  Once that was done we made a bee line for Rubio's Taqueria, where we arrived at the perfect time....no line!

That's Jose's (course superintendent) wife, Rosa, in the background

Usually we take our orders to the local city park and eat them alfresco, but it was barely 50° F outdoors, and TLE was having not of that....lol...so we ate them right there at the restaurant.  We always add a few jalapenos to our tacos for a little extra 'kick', if you will.  Their refried beans, and Spanish rice are also top notch, and very fresh!  Note, I am still wearing my jacket completely zipped up, inside the restaurant....it was a cold, cold day!

We were home before 2 pm, and by 2:30 pm I was outside doing a little more work getting our 'lido deck' setup, along with the 'dining deck' and 'viewing deck'.  I did a little weeding....there are a lot of weeds this year....and will do more Tuesday before we bring out the dining canopy, and umbrellas.  I also managed to get the final two tool bags on the tool tables, but still need to deploy the Black & Decker Workmate, and my back machine, plus move the bicycles to the back of the trailer.  Also, I neglected to mention that before we went into town I dumped, and flushed the black tank for the first time since Salton City on April 6th before we headed into town.

Before we knew it the clock was reading 4:48 pm, and it was time to put things away, and head inside for the night as the outdoor temps were beginning to plummet.  Since we had a late lunch we just had snacks for dinner, which consisted of popcorn, and sliced cheese.  For the evening's entertainment we watched episode 3 from Season 13 of 'Vera' on BritBox.

Well, one more day (Tuesday) until we report for work for our first 4 day shift of the 2024 LPG&RVR season, so time to get cracking and finish the 'lido deck' setup!

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