Thursday, September 27, 2012

Can you spell SERENDIPITY?

Around 10:45am on Wednesday we began backing out from our spa like spot at Jeff and Pam's to head northeast into Arkansas on US 62.  Before we left I had wiped off the front windshield, and I had no sooner walked back inside the coach than it started raining.  Why does always rain right after I spend a few hours washing the coach?  Why?  Of course it stopped, so I went back out and wiped the water off the windshield again.  We had no sooner gotten on the freeway than it started raining again, and, of course it rained all the way to Lincoln, AR, and rained for several hours after we stopped, but, of course, as usualy, I get WAAAY ahead of myself.

The drive over US 62 into Arkansas was uneventful, with the exception of the rain all the way, which spoiled by wash job I had spent parts of two days washing and polishing up.  The first part of our 69 mile drive was smooth, divided highway, but about 35 miles out from Lincoln the highway became two way, and the terrain became very hilly, and windy.  There were a few tense moments as we met semi's coming the opposite direction on, of course, tight curves, but we prevailed and arrived at John and Cathy's home around 12:30pm in a light drizzle.  I have known John since my college days.....he was in the class of '70, and I was in the class of '71, and this is where the amazing serendipity this day comes in.

Right next to the horse shoe pit!!

As you know, if you read my blog on a regular basis, TLE and I both are into craft beer wherever we can find it.  In fact, our host, John, had plans to take us into Fayettville, AR to visit a couple of micro breweries while we are visiting.  What I did not know is that John is married to the sister of John McAuliffe, the father of craft brewing.  The Washington Post calls him "one of the most significant figures in United States brewing history".  Well, TLE and I met Jack McAuliffe on Wednesday....he lives on the property owned by John and Cathy.  On Friday we will spend time with Jack talking a little about his part in the Craft Beer industry, and about some of his current projects.  I still cannot believe our serendipity!

After getting our coach parked on John and Cathy's property I took care of some business, while John went into town for a few rained steadily the rest of the afternoon with the sun finally coming out just before sundown.  We had a delightful Chili dinner along with a bottle of Zinfandel Wine on the patio and stat talking until almost 10pm.

A nice day full of surprises, and serendipity to be sure. Thanks for stopping by!

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