Friday, September 21, 2012

Definitely Kansas

When we stopped for the day Wednesday we were only around 34 miles from the Kansas border.....not that you could tell......the terrain looks the same 34 miles into Kansas as it did 34 miles west of the border.  

We decided to "pay the rent" Thursday as we were going to get 5 cents off per gallon at the Conoco.  I figured we would need around 120 gallons, and what do you know?  We put in 119.2 gallons....the rent came to $496 and change.  One important thing that we discovered was that we averaged 8.02 mpg on the 119 gallons we consumed over the last 1,000 miles.  That's about 1.5 mpg improvement.  Prior to that we had been averaging 6.5.  A 1.5 mpg increase adds 270 miles to our 180 gallon tank....that's a big difference!

We are definitely in Kansas!

We got on the Interstate around 8:30am with 217 miles of travel in front of us.  Throw in mostly flat Interestate, a tailwind of about 13 mph, and 1500' loss in elevation and you have an ideal travel day.  I just set the cruise control on 60 mph, held on to the steering wheel and sang along to a great 60's playlist on XM Radio.....I even heard TLE singing along on occasion. The rest stops were spaced nicely at about 70 miles apart, so we stopped twice to take short walks, and stretch our legs.  

We crossed into Kansas around 9:10am......actually, and we discovered this later, it was 10:10am....we also entered into Central Time.  The interesting thing about western Kansas is that right along with corn fields as far as the eye can see, you also see oil rigs interspersed throughout the fields.  I had no idea this was an oil rich area.

We arrived in Russell, KS around 2pm Central time, and were quickly escorted to our 90 foot pull through spot, which included full hookups, cable TV, free WiFi, and 50 amps.  We ran the front A/C for a while until the sun moved further to the west.  I did some insurance work, while TLE read her book, and caught up on a couple of episodic TV shows on her Ipad.

These are everywhere.....

Around 6:30pm we walked over to Fossil Station Pizzeria and Pub for their salad/pizza bar and a couple of pints of draft Amberbock.  The meal was good, but the sunset was spectacular!

Tomorrow we head south and east into the heart of Kansas.  Thanks for stopping by!

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