Monday, September 24, 2012

Errand day

I awoke to rain drops on the roof around 4am Sunday, I never get tired of that sound.  Elaine said it had been sprinkling on and off most of the night, but I didn't hear it until 4am.  Nothing like sound sleep, huh?  It continued to sprinkle off and on until about 10am when the clouds parted, and the sun came out. 

We really had no big plans for Sunday.....TLE would do some reading and I would watch the NFL, but first we both needed haircuts, and I had located a Supercuts just a mile away back where we got off US412, right next to the Walmart, so we headed over around 10am to get our cuts, and then over to the Walmart to do some shopping.  We were back "home" around Noon, and just in time for the start of football.

I puttered around while watching the first round of games, which included me going up on the roof to clean the solar panels, and also utilizing my new can of chrome polish to shine up the chrome exhaust of the DD and the generator.  I had to go up on the roof a couple of days ago because the satellite dish would not stow properly and noticed how dirty the panels were getting, so I took a micro fiber towel and some Windex up and cleaned them off.  We haven't relied on them since Rock Springs, and we will be plugged in from now until October 2nd when we make our last two day dash to Campbellsville from St. Louis.  Today we are headed south around 65 miles to visit our Newell friends Ron and Pam in Muskogee, OK.  They have offered full hookups with 50 amp service.  We are really looking forward to meeting them in person for the first time.  We became acquainted on the Newell user group site, and I have been friends with Pam on Facebook for over a year.  They have a much newer Newell...a 1996 Newell 45' coach, which they use a lot.  They are also big Oklahoma Sooner fans so they may still be in mourning after their upset loss to Kansas State on Saturday evening.....I know I would be.  In fact, I haven't gotten over USC's loss to Stanford, an unranked team, 2 Saturdays ago.

On the NFL front, the games continued to be marred by the officiating skill of the replacement officials.  I know they are doing the best they can, and if they were top level officials they would already be in the NFL, but they are not.  It just seems like virtually every play requires some sort of review upstairs, and the number of on field decisions that are reversed is startling, and certainly does not give the players, or coaches any confidence they are getting even decent officiating.  The Sunday night game between the Ravens and Patriots was marred by controversy, and ended in controversy when the winning field goal by the Ravens appeared to, from some angles,  go over the top of the right cross bar upright.

Controversial ending

We'll be leaving Sand Springs Monday around 10am to drive down to Muskogee where we will spend a couple of days, then on to Lincoln, AR to visit college friends for 3 days.  

That was our Sunday.....thanks for stopping by!

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