Friday, February 1, 2013

Cedar Key - Day # 35 - 70 Feet

I woke up Thursday knowing I had one more day before we had to move our coach to Site #7 for our remaining 3 days.  The winds from the storm that passed through Wednesday were still with us, and it was icy cold.

Even though we had one more day in Site D I thought I should start putting a way a few things, like the Sea Eagle Kayak.  We needed to deflate it and pack it into the very nice carry bag that came with our package, and then figure out where we were going to store it.  This is the first time in long time we have added an item this big to what we carry with us.

While TLE and I were busy with that task a lady from the front office came by asking if we would be willing to move one day early into site #7.  I figured "why not?", so we continued to put away the Eagle.....TLE has great spacial skills, and was able to reconfigure the stuff in the  "through bin" making room.  Amazingly, it took us less than 10 minutes to deflate, and pack away the Eagle.  After that we spent our time disconnecting water, sewer and electrical so we could move.  We thought we had a few hours, but it is a good thing we got right to it, because the people coming in behind us were literally just behind us as we moved 70' to our new view!

We will now share the same view with Chris and Cherie before they must move to their new site in a day, or so.  We chose to pull straight in because now we can see the water out our front windows.  If we were going to be in this new spot long term, and not just 4 days I would have backed in because all of the utilities are at the very back of the spot.  The run to the sewer connection would be difficult to reach.  We won't need to dump for another 12 days, so we'll worry about that at our next stop in Fruitland Park, FL.

The new view.....

It just "shows to go you" (as my Dad used to say) you don't have to move much to change your this case around 70'.  

We got everything moved over from our old site, and set up by early afternoon, and by that time I had a few business e-mails to handle, which took me an hour or so.  We weren't sure what we were going to do for dinner until TLE and Cherie suggested we walk into "Big Deck" for their Grouper sandwich and some good draft beer around 4 don't have to twist my arm too tight to get a "YES" out of me.  I then called Karen  and Krash to invite them to join us.  We set off on our walk right at 4, and reached Karen and Krash's house 20 minutes later.  We arrived at "Big Deck" at 4:45 only to find they were closing early due to the cold, and windy weather.....they are pretty much an outdoor eating establishment, so extremes in weather can affect how late they remain open.  

BUMMER!  We made a quick decision to go across  Dock Street to "Steamers"......we hadn't been there yet, mostly because their prices for similar food are about 30% higher than "Big Deck", but after seeing their draft beer list I am disappointed we had not given them a try sooner.  They have about 15 beers on tap, including a large selection of local craft beer by "Swamp Head" which makes the "Midnight Oil" oatmeal coffee stout which TLE and I both like, and Florida Beer Company.  This is where the fair lady we call Serendipity reared her pretty head.....I ordered a pint of the Midnight Oil....the server accidentally poured 2 pints, so I got the second one for free.  TLE tried the Swamp Head Stump Knocker Pale Ale, and then we all saw that Chris had ordered the Swamp Ape IPA.....normally we do not like the bitter after taste of IPA's but this IPA (10% ABV) was very smooth, and had just a slight hint of the bitters at the end.  Well, I already had my two pints, so for her second TLE followed Chris' lead.  

The conversation flowed nicely, which it always does......suddenly Cherie got up and moved quickly to the door.....the sunset was upon us and we almost missed it!  We didn't have a good angle out on the deck so we got our checks, paid them, and then walked quickly down to the Dock Street think we almost missed this....

What a way to cap off a day.......still basking in the glow of the sunset, which went on for the better part of an hour, we began our chilly, breezy walk home.....pretty soon we were walking at an "" type clip in order to generate some body heat....with TLE and Chris leading the way......they were walking at a "124 picks per hour pace".  

We dropped off Krash and Karen continuing on with the brisk pace until we came to the Tiki was obvious some sort of celebration was in progress so we popped in to see what was what.....apparently it was Jay's (Slider Magazine) birthday.  There was live music, and a lot of finger food.  We chatted for a while, sampling a few items, and then continued on back to Sunset Isle......what a great is the kind of evening you come to expect in Cedar Key, and this is why the gravitational pull of this place is so strong......the sites, the sounds, the smells, the warm, inviting people.

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