Saturday, February 16, 2013

Rain Check.....

We had planned to drive down to Key West Friday, but it was clear by 9 am that the promised storm would arrive soon, and we saw no point in spending the day in drizzle, and out right rain so we called in a "rain check" and just hung around camp most of the morning.  Around Noon we took a stroll down to the water and sat on a bench "on the dock of the bay watching the tide roll in"......sorry couldn't resist, but that is precisely what we did.

There were a lot of pelicans sitting on the dock poles......this one seemed to be giving me the "hairy eye".

Around 1 we decided to drive into the Publix in Marathon proper to buy some meat to BBQ that night.  TLE and I settled on some good looking, fresh tuna steaks.  Of course we also picked up some other items....I found some Porter from a micro brewery on the Eel River in Humbolt County, California which I'm going to try.

We arrived back at the RV park around 2 just as the storm was beginning to dump large amounts of moisture.  It rained on and off all afternoon, into the evening, and most of the night.

Since we were coach bound we decided to use the time to catch up on some recorded shows on the DVR.....Top Chef, Person of Interest, Justified, Elementary, American Pickers, American Idol, etc.  5:30 rolled around and we were only about 1/2 way through our list, so we stopped while I got out the BBQ and grilled the tuna.  While I was outside TLE set up the table for a formal dinner.  She made a side of squash with mushrooms and onions.  The fresh tuna steaks were delicious, and so was the squash!  After eating we resumed our viewing of our backlog of recorded shows.  While it has cooled off somewhat.....down into the 70' is still quite humid, of course.  

And that (humidity) brings me to my next topic.......for some reason ammonia absorption refrigerators such as ours do not perform well in high humidity.  Frankly they don't perform well in any extremes....too hot, too cold, too humid....the only extreme they do continue to perform well in is very dry climates.  When it gets really humid like it is now I plug in a light bulb in the chimney behind the fridge to create a little heat, thereby drying out the air a little, and then turn on the fan to move the air up the chimney....this seems to help.  As long as we are in more arid climates (humidity under 40%), and more moderate temperatures (under 80 degrees) it performs exceptionally well.  But, as we have found out, it is not possible to see our great country without exposing yourself to some extremes no matter how carefully you plan your travels.  This is why a lot of people with bigger coaches prefer regular household type refrigerators that run off alternating current.  They perform well all the time, and cool down quickly when you first turn them......but you must always be supplying them with alternating current, which means you must be running the inverter 24/7 converting 12 volt direct current  energy to 110 volt alternating current energy, which means you must have a much larger battery bank with a lot of amp hours available, or run your generator a lot.  

It was nice to have a day like Friday.....just hanging obligations.....just sitting still watching some mindless TV, watching the rain hit the front windshield of the coach, and listening to the whir of the dehumidifier in the background.  We are sooooo glad we have no leaks in our coach!

How it looks Saturday morning...

The forecast is for more rain through early afternoon, so we'll probably take a walk, and maybe take in a move in Key Largo later this afternoon.....and I'm pretty sure the black tank needs some attention.....:D Looks like Sunday will be Key West Day!

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  1. Hope the weather clears up so you can make it down to Key West tomorrow. Key Largo's not a bad place to be stuck in though!

    1. Hi..just curious...are you aware you have the 2 word puzzle on for your comments? It took me 3 tries to get past it. A lot of bloggers simply won't even try. It's very easy to turn off.


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