Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Another Moving Day.........

I know you are wondering....."How did he do the night before moving day this time?"  Simple answer......I slept great!  Didn't wake up thinking about everything I had to do before we could roll.  What I did get up thinking about was HOW HUMID IT WAS!!

Just walking outside yesterday morning in Ft. Myers I started sweating.  There is a front moving in and the side effect of that is a lot of warm moist air is being pushed before is supposed to get very cold again on Thursday, but between now and then it will be warm and humid.  Of course, this far south, even "cold" is a relative certainly isn't going to snow here Thursday, but it will get into the 60's......and a little less humid.

We got packed up pretty quickly, but there was a lot of wiping of the sweat off my brow, and out of my eyes.  After we got the car back in the trailer I went inside for a cold shower, then went back out to roll up the electrical cords, and then turned on the generator so I could run the front AC for a while to dry out the air inside.  We've been sleeping with the windows open at Gail and Jimmy's, but the side effect is it gets humid inside.....the AC helps dry out the air.

After exchanging our "until next times" with Gail and Aunt Evelyn (Gail's mom), and shedding a few tears we were off to jump on I-75 and to cross the state over to the east coast.  Once we were on the Interstate and up to speed I shut down the AC and generator and we opened the front long as we were moving and there was a breeze it was comfortable....after all it was only 77 degrees.....but when we stopped 83 miles later at the first rest stop we had to turn on the generator and the AC again, and we ran the AC for the next hour.  Oh, I forgot mention that the section of I-75 crossing what is known as Alligator Alley is a toll road.....4 axles (that's us) costs $9.00 one way.  That's the first toll we have paid since September in Oklahoma.

Finally, as we neared Miami it seemed that the outside air cooled again, and we reopened the was still humid, but the cooler air felt good......until we got off the Interstate in Palmetto Bay (out destination)......then I was wishing we had left the AC on. It was only 4 miles to our stopping point so we just soldiered on.

Palmetto Bay is where Patty a friend from my high school days, lives with her husband, Phillip.  They, too, have been married over 40 years.  I reconnected with Patty on Facebook a couple of years ago, and she has been following our journey on our blog.  When I messaged her that we would be in her area this week she and Phillip graciously offered to have us courtesy park on their street.  After checking Google maps to see if we would "fit" it appeared to us that we could park in the cul-de-sac next to their home.  The trick was we would have to back a couple hundred feet into the cul-de-sac.  The process actually went pretty smoothly, and within 15-20 minutes we were parked and looking for an electrical outlet to plug in so we could turn on the AC again and dry out the inside air again.....:D

While we were finishing our parking maneuvers Phillip and Patty's neighbor came up to introduce himself....Michael Baiamonte is the Public Address Announcer for the Miami Heat since 1990.  Michael's home is just behind the picture below.  You just never know when Lady Serendipity will "show a little thigh".  Of course, his team is playing great, and just a few days ago defeated my team, the Lakers.....they're on the down swing, and the Heat is on the upswing.....:(  We joked a little about the fortunes of basketball, and talked about the Heat's up coming game (last night) against Portland (Miami 117, Portland 104).  And for a change my Lakers won over Phoenix.

I haven't seen Patty since she was 18, or 19, but it was as if no time had passed at all.  We also met their youngest daughter, Stephanie, who is quite a young lady, and her fiancee Logan.  Patty had prepared enchilada's, rice and beans and they were marvelous.  TLE brought in some of her amazing salsa and some chips, which we munched on just before dinner.  We sat talking over dinner, and then after we cleared the table sat down to watch a movie I had wanted to see when we were in Campbellsville, but just didn't get around to it....."Trouble with the Curve Ball" starring Clint Eastwood.  We enjoyed the movie, and our time with Phillip and Patty a lot.  We'll be here through Thursday morning when we roll the wheels again on the coach and head down to Marathon Key, and then Key West in the T-Bird.

We are enjoying our current view and hosts a lot, and look forward to what Wednesday has in store for us.

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