Saturday, February 2, 2013

Cedar Key - Day # 36 - Left and Right

Friday, February 1st......another anniversary.......February 1st marks the end of our second year living full time in our Newell Coach.  It does not seem that long to me, or to Elaine.  We are both so pleased with how our coach is holding up to 24/7 living for those 24 months.  And yet.......our two years seem puny in comparison to many we know who have been doing it for 7,8, 9, or 10 years now.....nevertheless we press on living day to day, making it up as we go.  When we first crossed the Mississippi River (west to east) last March I spent a lot of time thinking about when we would cross it going West again.....the humidity, and bugs seemed to obscure everything else.  I was out of my comfort zone by 3 time zones.  As we moved from stop to stop I began to get a little more used to the humidity, and the bugs....of course buying a de-humidifier, and using bug repellent in liberal doses did help a lot.  The pressure to "SEE" everything along the way lessened, and we just saw places, and things we were interested in at the time.  The people we were meeting, and spending time with have become the storyline.  At first we lived like we were on vacation, but gradually it has evolved into "living life with an ever changing view".  However, when we crossed back to the west side of that mighty river I felt like I had returned home, and really enjoyed the more arid climate, and higher altitudes, but there was a change in me......I was actually looking forward to our return to the east side of the river......that's a big deal for me, and I'm sure Elaine will verify that.  Since we crossed the Mississippi for the 3rd time (west to east) back in September I have been enjoying the east much more.....the interesting cultures, accents, stories, places and people.  

Okay, enough of the what happened on Friday, February 1st that was noteworthy?  Well, I received most of my 1099's in the mail, as well as other tax related stuff.  I received my renewal AAA cards.....and I got NO bills!  A few more things arrived for Pat's GT STS-1 mountain bike (chain, grips, tubes, bottle cage) so I installed I just need the brake, and shift cables.   I spent time putting things away in the trailer in preparation for our Monday departure......this always seems overwhelming to me at first as I stare at the clutter in the trailer that results from one month of using everything.....but I just do a little every day the few days leading up to our departure and it always seems to come together quickly.

Our nomadic convergence is being depleted "right and left" as one after another of our NuRVer friends departs for new adventures and views, or moves temporarily to another part of the park seemingly every day now.  Forest and Cindy will leave Saturday, Pace and Kyeli, along with us, will depart on Monday, then Chris and Cherie will leave next Friday I believe.  If there is a downside to our nomadic lifestyle it is the "departing" thing, but it is a small downside, because we know our paths will cross again, and we will remain connected via phone, e-mail, and the various social media outlets we all use.

Chris and Cherie interviewed us for their "Ramblings - Tales from Nomads" series that they sponsor on their Tales of Technomadia website.  Look for our video interview to appear early summer, 2013.  Go to the "Ramblings" link to watch some of their past interviews.

Since Forest and Cindy are leaving Saturday morning we decided to walk into town with them to have a farewell dinner at Steamers around 4 pm.....the air was still crisp and cold most of the way into town.   We talked about grand kids, the time we spent courtesy parking on their Thibodaux, LA property while they were out west visiting the Canyon Lands, and many, many other things.  We were again able to share another amazing sunset with good friends from the Dock Street pier.

Our time here is short, and every moment from now on will increase in its poignancy as we begin to raise our gaze toward the coming adventures awaiting us just over the horizon.

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