Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Everybody needs a bath sometime.......

Monday dawned partly cloudy with a little breeze.......we have been sleeping with the windows open since we got to Ft. Myers, and I am enjoying the cool air coming in the window during the night as we sleep.  Normally, while in the deep south, we keep the windows shut and the dehumidifier running, but I guess I am getting a little more used to the humidity......NOT!  It's just that it has not been that humid since we have been here.

First thing after coffee and publishing the blog I got busy tuning up Gail and Jimmy's K2 beach cruisers.  They do garage their bikes, and they are in pretty good shape, but every bike needs a tune up from time to time.  I took a wiggle out of Jimmy's rear rim so the brakes worked better, adjusted the shifting just a little, and cleaned and lubed the chain.  Gail's needed a little more work on the rear brake as it was sticking, and there was a little wiggle in her front wheel that I took out so the brake would not rub.  No major surgery, but the bikes do work a little bit better.

I haven't taken the time to wash the trailer, or coach since the first week we were in Campbellsville, KY back in October.  I did start to do a little cleaning of the coach in Cedar Key, but that only consisted of wiping down the lower portion.....washing any vehicle at Sunset Isle RV Park was forbidden.  When we were in Fruitland, and Zephyrhills we were parked on dirt, and then grass so I didn't attempt to wash anything there either.  However, since we have been parked on concrete for 3 days I decided Monday was the day to clean the heavy equipment.....the weather was perfect, our hosts were at work, and TLE wanted to go shopping.

Within a couple of hours the trailer and coach were looking more like themselves again.....I still miss my boys from Integrity Mobile Detail.....that is back breaking work!  

Our plan for the afternoon was to take a bike ride with Jimmy and Gail over to a local sports bar called First Round Draft for a late lunch.  They were both home by 1:30 and we were on our bicycling way by 2........we zigged and zagged through side streets, along canals, over canals, and on sidewalks for about 2 miles before arriving at our destination....that Gail sets a stiff pace......:D  We found seats right next to the canal.  They have a good selection of draft beer, including Guinness, but nothing of a micro brew nature.  I settled on a Shock Top, and TLE had a Guinness.  We decided to just order an appetizer as I had eaten a small sandwich earlier.....all that work made my hungry!   We got the "Spring Rolls" with salsa and they were delish!

The Lovely Elaine

We arrived back home around 3:30.......I decided I wanted to take a dip in the pool to cool off (71 degrees), but TLE opted for the more conventional shower......she thought 71 was just too cold....to think she and I used to body surf at Manhattan Beach in the Pacific Ocean back in the 70's where the water barely gets to 69 in the summer......:D  I swam a couple of laps emerging refreshed, and not cold at all.

Jimmy made ribs for dinner....one of his specialties, and they were amazing.....that Cajun BBQ sauce set my sinuses to draining, and I think my hair was on fire for a brief moment.  We also threw the corn on the BBQ for about 10 minutes.....another great dinner.

Tuesday is moving day, but I'm going to let tomorrow take care of itself......we'll be saying our "until next times" and moving over 160 miles to the east coast of Florida, across "Alligator Alley" to Palmetto Bay to visit more friends....we'll be there a couple of days, then down to the Keys.

Thanks for stopping by!

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